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So, while pith and I didn't get around to destroying Micah while she was here, I did the next best thing, and summoned an Elder God to destroy it.

Muah ha ha ha! )
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I was browsing through my local pharmacy tonight, and of course i hit up the paperback section to see if there was anything i had to have.  I happened upon a copy of Micah, and the 2 books it was sitting next to had me laughing for about 10 minutes straight.  I quickly grabbed my phone to take a pic and share the lolz....

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I'm a long time lurker in this community. Usually, I figure that whatever I have to say has already been said and in a much better way than I could put it myself, but this time I just couldn't stay silent. You see, I mad a horrible mistake.

I know they say that curiosity killed the cat, but nobody ever mentioned sleeping with it first )
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So on request, I tried to dig up LKH's blog about the "rich sensual prose" she uses, failed--really, my brain just died, and I need to reboot and defrag it after reading six months of her illiterate babbling--but found The Goodies in my scavenging. So, lengthy post, but honestly...she's killing me.

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from something posted in the anita_blake_fan comm.

NOT posted by me:

I suddenly remembered that I had meant to read it when it came out.. I almost ordered it online, but there were thousands of comments about how short, pointless and crappy the book was. So, I went to the bookstore and read it (the whole thing took about 2.5 hrs). I dunno what everyone's problem is. True, the book is not as long as the regular AB books, but it's a nice side story. I liked reading about the characters, and I liked the ending, which is a rare thing with me and LKH books, and I though the ratio of investigative work to the sex was excellent :PP

New Girl

May. 6th, 2006 07:33 pm
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Hey, I'm new and I just needed to post what I thought about Micah. Cut and pasted from my writing LJ.

Micah talk, spoilerish. Proceed with caution. )

Lately the Anita books have taken a real dive. The early books were really good, they had great plot, the right balance of monster stuff, police stuff, some sex, and very good characterization. But the last couple of books have been thin on plot and heavy on the sex. Normally, I don't mind, but I like having a good balance of things and the Anita series just isn't doing it. I'm seriously thinking of getting and reading Danse Macabre and dropping the series after that, it's just not worth it anymore.

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels like this. Anyone else get this book, what'd you think about it?
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This occured to me the other day, but I kept forgetting to mention it.

Anita's human servitude and assorted crap that goes with it. )
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What the fuck is a novellite?

The word is either NOVELETTE or NOVELLA, bitch!

:brain explodes:
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It's been a while since I've done one of these - so maybe it's a good thing that the book in question is Micah.

For those who haven't seen it before, basically I take a book, filter it through my brain, recap it and then make a very long list of things that annoy/intrigue me. I started doing it mostly so I don't have to go back and re-read books, because honestly - Cerulean Sins? I know I read it, but I can hardly tell you what happened. My brain has blotted it out. The whole thing also doubles for people who really don't want to read the books, given what they've become, but still want to know what happens in the series.

My plan is to go through the entire AB:VH and MG series.

So, here is the [slightly overdue] Micah recap:

All links open in a new window.

I am an overzealous Grammar Nazi, and I probably got utterly carried away. But I know I'm not right about everything. Oh yes, and do I have to mention since these are recaps that everything is spoilery?

Previous recaps:



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When there's a zombie needing raising, who ya gonna call? Anita Blake.
When there's a critter needing lovin', who ya gonna call? Anita Blake.

So let's combine these two hypothesis into one little novella as opposed to a longer novel, and...

Micah: in 500 words (or slightly less) )

Now, everyone's already ranted about the badly written porn that is Micah, but I hadn't seen much reaction to that lovely sneak preview of Danse Macabre. Here's my reaction:

Omgwtfbbq! They're breeeeding?!! )
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Anyone else ever have something along the lines of "Werewolves and were-rats and pards, oh my!" running through their head during an AB book?

A friend of mine reviewed Micah in class the other day. "This book is... um... it's porn. Just porn. I took notes. Seriously, I did not know you could do some of this stuff..."

And then we got into a discussion on what the hell is a were-leopard anyway. Which led into a discussion of the various were-flavors in this book. Were-swans were by far the most amusing. And I got to thinking...

Is anyone else just waiting for the were-penguins to show up? You know Anita will be their Empress Royal Goddess-Incarnate. You know it.

Were-swans and were-penguins are now a running theme among my friends and I'm just wondering when the idea will occur to our Mad Mrs Hamilton.

Oh, and is it just me or is Anita Blake (and to a newer-series-and-therefore-slightly-lesser-extent MG) becoming exactly like a game of pretend Superheroes with a bunch of 7-year-olds?

"I kill you with my laser spell of doom!" "Nuh-uh, cause I have my Shield of Mega Power!" "Well my Mega Doom Blaster goes through EVERY shield!" "But you can't hit me cause I am lightning-fast-person and I can dodge your blaster thing!" "NUH-UH!" "YES-HUH!" "Nuh-uh! Cause now I have my Ultra Poison Dart and it kills anything and I'm shooting you with my ubergun and it was enchanted by a voodoo priestess." "But it won't pierce my Supermegaultra Armor cause it was made by Merlin!" "Will so! My dart's made up superultrahyperiron and the gun was made by the Dragon King...." etc.

Okay, and since I've never posted here and I probably should do some form of introduction: I'm a Merry Gentry fan. I'd be a bigger MG fan if Laurell wasn't so afraid of teh lesbianism, but that's never gonna happen. I like the Unseelie Court and the world and such she made up for Faery. I don't think she's using it as well as she could, but hey, it gives someone else room to improve.

However, I loathe Anita Blake. Go figure. Not the series, I mean the character. Anita gives me a headache. Oddly, I like some of the other characters but not the main one. Merry is also beginning to wear thin as she's starting to become more of an AB v2.0.

Anyone else for banning Laurell from writing more series? She's allowed 2-4 books in each world and that is it. No more.
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Woo! We've been linked! (Yes, I'm shallow enough to be pleased by this.)

Wordcandy (http://wordcandybooks.blogspot.com/) posted a review of Micah and asked for permission to mention the community. That post is dated April 2, 2006. Bask in our 15 seconds of fame!

And so this isn't entirely an ego boost, check out the April 3, 2006 entry: it has the cover for the Anita Blake comic. Gack.
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Not sure if this particular review (bash? rant? ramble of what we're all thinking?) of Micah has been posted, but I hadn't read it before, so if this is a double of a prev. post, blame it on my sleep-induced double vision. :D

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So the official forum is back up. Unsurprisingly, the hiatus has done nothing to stop the complaints.

Fortunately (or otherwise, depending on your point of view) the reactivation of the forum allows for more rapid coverage of new events, such as the first look at the cover for Micah.

*looks* )

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According to amazon.com, A Stroke of Midnight is due out in paperback March 28th, 2006. Micah will be out sometime in February, and of course Incubus Dreams is scheduled for paperback release September 27th--two months from now.

I know I shouldn't be looking forward to these. )

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It's up on amazon.com.

And of course, even at this early stage, there are problems.

1. Again, LKH completely fails Writing 101. A 272-page book is not a "novel-lite" or a novella. It's a NOVEL.

2. EIGHT DOLLARS? Uh, what happened to the promises of "will probably retail for four or five dollars", Laurell? This bitsy thing costs as much as the 752-page Incubus Dreams paperback, despite being nearly ONE-THIRD ITS LENGTH. It shouldn't be more than $5.99, AT MOST. True, that may not be LKH's fault, HOWEVER, if she really has no control over the retail value and marketing of her books, then she shouldn't make promises she can't follow through on, and claims she can't back up.

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Blog flog: Friday, June 03, 2005

As ever, LKH's stuff in italics, mine not so much.

One thing that used to concern me was when I was between two and three hundred pages in and still had not gotten to the full meat of the mystery or main plot.... Lots of stuff is happening, important stuff, but the fact that there's no villain in sight, well, I'm cool with that. I knew the first half of this book was mainly to solidify control of the arduer and the whole powers thing, and that's what we're doing.

Three hundred pages in and there's no sign of a bad guy, much less a plot? That's never a good sign. Especially in a series which is supposed to be mystery-driven (but we all know how much that is not happening). Sounds like the next Anita "novel" is going to be a work to rival Incubus Dreams, all right.

Though, unfortunately Anita and Richard have already had one fight. I was really hoping for at least one book where we didn't fight.

I'm just going to attempt to ignore the "we". Why do we have to have a book where they don't fight? If I was Richard, and the girl I (for some sick, masochistic reason) liked was sleeping with -- what is it now? -- eight other guys? Well, needless to say, I'd be somewhat annoyed. Actually, I'd have dumped her hiney ages ago, but of course, this is LKH's world, and no one's ever allowed to leave. I pity those poor characters.

Since some people seem a little puzzled by the concept of the whole novel-lite, and what it means, I'm going to be doing an essay about it in the next newsletter.

Hm. That says so many things about her remaining fanbase, I think. ;)

Blog flog

Apr. 13th, 2005 12:00 am
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Date : 12 April 2005
Link : http://www.eridine.com/blog/2005_04_01_archive.html#111331062640887001
Title : "A Perfect Day"

Just a couple things to pick out. I'm gonna make this short. LKH stuff in italics, I'm in regular text.

Oh, the novella will be published as it's own book in Spring of 2006, which would be next year.

This is almost as good as nine-year-old-me asking my parents, "If he wasn't dead, would he still be alive?"

Which is a question I've never lived down in my family.

Um, so yeah -- in case nobody knew that this was 2005, and when 2006 (which traditionally follows 2005, just as 2005 followed 2004, unless you're like...a Timelord, in which case, 1643 could follow 2005) will happen, it's next year, people.

And then there's this:

But the novella gave me a chance to sort of step back and remember how much leaner and more focused the early Anita books were. I'm not sure it's possible to have that kind of laser focus in town with all the characters and Anita, but I'm going to try and take some of what I relearned in the novella and see if it's possible to apply it to the larger book. Short of whittling down my cast, which I'm unwilling to do, (and don't even bother suggesting who to kill off, because you guys get really nasty when you start talking about that, and very adamant, that your favorite character should survive, and some other fan is just as adamant that their favorite character, you get the idea, so don't start, please.) Besides Anita and I would miss anyone we lost. There are some really big scenes in this next book, lots of people, lots of movement, and lots of new characters. Some of the new ones will be permanent and some not. Some of the out of town visiting vamps will be seen later when Anita goes out of town in future books.

I guess that answers all the calls for people to die and the cast be cut down by about 20 superfluous men.

And what's this "Anita and I would miss them," business?

Um. Anita's a fictional character, right? RIGHT?!?! So what say does she get in all this?

I can think of a few cast members that could be axed either to no effect for the main set, or to great effect of the novels. I've been championing the idea of Anita having to kill either Asher (part of my fangirl screams "NOOO!!" at that idea) or Nathaniel, given her great affection toward both of them, and it seems cruel and personal. Offing Micah would be a dream come true, but it's not going to happen. Dammit, I want the cabana boy to bite the bullet.

Most of the "new" cast of Incubus Dreams could die.

A decent death scene would be good. A death that hurts and is horribly, horribly personal to Anita would be better.


"...I don't like the drugs, the drugs, the drugs..."
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Blog flog: March 21, 2005

First the snark, then the challenge...

Enter if you dare... )


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