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Here's the last bits of chapter 27 and all of chapter 28. God, this book is painful.

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This one was a nightmare to go through. It's boring, long, very little happens and hard to read given all the whining and dragging. Hopefully the next chapter will be more merciful.
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It's amazing how much one chapter can repeat the same things over and over.

Chapter 25 )
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This chapter could've been done without dragging another character in, but oh well.

Chapter 24 )
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Here's the next part and Anita is made to (arguably) look like the better person at the end.

Chapter 23 )
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Until there actually is a chapter that isn't filler comes back, I'm sticking with the abridged style.
ch 22 )
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I'm having fun so I'll be doing this new format for a bit.

Chapter 21 )
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Since this chapter is nothing, but a big, dull four-way sex scene, I'm going to do what I did with my mocking on To Love You (last third of it). Since TLY became nothing more than worship of the Sue character (Sarah) with little happening, I put it in a recap type form. So I'm going to do the same for this chapter. (If you're wondering, the author hasn't touched the story in over a year since she got into other fandoms.)
Chapter 20... )
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While writing this riff, I couldn't help thinking of the Hanna-Barbara monster cartoons I watched as a kid. Like those Scooby-Doo specials and how as a child, I wanted the girls from "Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School" to get their own spin-off series. The reason I bring that up is even at their most g-rated, none of the monsters were sappy, neurotic or ineffective as Anita's crew are. At least those monsters had car races, tried to take over the world or had rivalries with Fred Flintstone.
Chapter 19 )
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What starts a bit promising with Anita's anxieties, turns into total sap by the end. So prepare to start puking rainbows, folks.

Chapter 18 )
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Time for more obnoxiousness and some bit of plot advancement today, folks.

Chapter 17 )
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It's now time for filler bringing in a character who might as well not be in it.
Chapter 16 )
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Thankfully, today's chapter is pretty short, but still damn whiny.
chapter 14 )
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Since I'm now caught up with what I already riffed, it will be more time between the sporks. So far, there's not much plot and it still feelings like a bragging session for all the guys and awesome sex Anita has.
Chapter 13 )
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Please Read First: Anyone whose read my mock of the fanfic of a fanfic, Faithful Hearts: The Wanderer, will know of this experiment in one part where I put my Ipod on shuffle, went to the middle of a song or skit and made the line into my response while still having it fit in with what was going on. Since this shorter chapter is about Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard cuddling and yammering about their hair, it was a good time to try it a second time.

chapter 12 )
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We finally get Richard and he sure is "interesting" to put up with.

Chapter 11, for real )
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Be prepared for even less happening in this story. As Linkara said, "Say what you want about Van Helsing, but at least they did stuff in that movie."

Also here's what one reader had to say: "You know what this reminds me of? Dragon ball Z. We have long flashbacks going on in the middle of the action, juvenile banter and dialogue, metaphorical dick measuring (what with power levels), and an obnoxious character that everyone else tolerates beyond reason (Vegeta = Anita). I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the sex scenes have long since become boring, un-erotic, and repetitive."

Chapter 11 )
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As I mentioned in the last one, chapters 8 and 9 were merged together so this is where I guess chapter 9 would begin.

Chapter 9 )


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