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Nathaniel becomes a no-holds-barred rapist in the book, rather than "only" creepily manipulating Anita into sexual situations she doesn't want. He somehow gains the power to magically force people to have sex with him against their will, and uses this power on both Anita and Damien. Anita can't remember what happened. But she's not angry with Nathaniel for it, of course.

JC praises him for raping Anita and Damien. He says this makes Nathaniel better than Richard, because Richard's rape powers aren't as strong. Nathaniel is gleeful about the whole thing, except he regrets not making Damien wear a condom. When those early reviewers were talking about Nathaniel "coming into his own" and such -- well, this is at least part of it.

I thought it would be good to discuss this here, or at least warn people of what they're getting into before attempting to tackle this book. While LKH has always shown admiration for male rapists (and Anita herself) in the Anita books, I don't think she's ever been quite this explicit about it before.

ETA: It gets worse. I've posted in the comments rather than up here, since I can't tag posts to put in trigger warnings. LKH thinks rape is great.
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If you just can't wait for the 11 October release, there's a small snippet of Crimson Death online here.

Despite all the hype about Edward and Ireland and cool stuff actually happening, they've chosen to showcase a pretty generic and unsexy sex scene, but with Damian in it, along with Nate and Anita.

Based on the excerpt, she still hasn't learned anything about specific words for sex scenes ("his body" ahoy!) or the idea that images of a person being like "meat between his teeth" is NOT SEXY, especially after early books when bodies were described as just so much meat.  I get that she's trying to tap into the whole shifters = animalistic deal but it's not quite working.

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Disclaimer: This blog entry is verbatim, as originally posted on LKH's Facebook. Copyright belongs to Ma Petite Enterprises.

We have a title! It's Anita Blake's first international adventure: Ireland; Damian is in his biggest role ever, and did I mention Edward? -LKH

Available Summer 2016! -MM Jess

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