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I just read "Mistral's Kiss" by Laurell K. Hamilton in about 15 minutes and it was most hilarious. And I didn't even need to read the other books!

Now, seriously, I found this link in the Amazon forums. It's a sort of "Mistral's Kiss in 15 minutes" and it's great. I laughed so, so much. I'm not sure if this is already somewhere in lkh_lashouts, but I didn't find it anywhere.

Just thought I'd share it with everyone. *grins*

Click here to read The Condensed Mistral's Kiss!, courtesy of lj-er helen_keeble!
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When we last left our intrepid heroine, the somewhat-dead gardens had swallowed up half her men, including Aisling, who looked to have been killed by the Pointy Sticks of Despair before exploding into a flock of birds. Much infodumping followed. 

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I've found my inner feminist. I've always claimed to be violently anti-feminist, at least as far as modern feminism goes, but LKH has just pissed my inner bra-burner the fuck off.

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Best summed up as: The Negotiation that Never Ends.

But I have to add, before the fireworks begin, that I'm still laughing my ass off over chapter two. "Mistral strode in and slipped on the mead, started to fall."

Once he had been the master of storms, a sky god.

Now he's a clutz with bad pick-up lines.

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One day, fifteen hours until MK comes out.

Any predictions, guesses, or bets as to how little plot there actually is and/or how much time passes in X amount of pages? (Because we all know time passes differently in the sith, sithen, seith, seithen...cuz yeah, Teh Diety makes it so.
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Surfing the internet I stumbled across an English to Italian translation of the summary for: Mistral's Kiss. At first I thought it was a review so I actually paid attention to how the book was described.

Read here )
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"The latest on best-seller Hamilton's series featuring Meredith Gentry, the fairie princess/PI in the Unseelie Court, reads sorta like fan fiction."

This week's EW review of Mistral's Kiss by Laurell K. Hamilton )
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I woulda posted this last night/this morning but LJ was kinda dead. So, I'll post it now!

Since I'm braindead enough from writing, I figure I can't kill my head any more than it already is and I've tackled chapter two of Mistral's Kiss. (thankenyowl to [livejournal.com profile] bentlilies for posting the link.)

Recap first, my McRanty bits afterward (like the bookflogs I've been doing), because I'm not smart enough to do it all in one big hit.

If you're looking to kill your brain, or get the urge to commit suicide, genocide, homicide or other bloody rampages: read chapter one. I summed it up as, "Blood cookies, bad! Dead winter boar creature, good! (omgwtfwinterboar?)" (and this is me, going on the warpath about it)


Short version: DRINK FROM THE FUCKING CUP, ABE!!! Oh hey, shiny things and sex! *pounces*

The longer version: )
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I decided to condense the chapter down into all of its misspelled, repetitive glory. See if you can make it all the way through without growing sick and tired of LKH using the same words and phrases 20 times in a row! There are a few additions in Bold that I couldn't help put add in.

It Burns! or bleeds... )


Aug. 31st, 2006 09:43 pm
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Link: http://www.laurellkhamilton.org/Merry/Mistralskisschapterone.html

The first chapter of Mistral’s Kiss (Merry Book 5) is available at LKH’s site. My first flog; I hope it’s readable. Enjoy.

Not that anyone should expect much from a Merry Book, but this little excerpt is proof even the Merry series is going downhill . . . somehow.

It’s Fairly Long, But Here’s The Flog )
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Prompted by [livejournal.com profile] freyalorelei's helpful link to the cover of Mistral's Kiss. I don't think any of this is strikingly original, but it's been bugging the hell out of me.

I feel that this is the appropriate time to mention how completely turned off I am that the next book apparently centers around Mistral. I was left completely cold by the character. Actually, that's not true - when I read the line "Are you ready to ride the storm?" I had to throw the book across the room and call my best friend and make gagging noises.

And is anyone else seeing a trend here?

Whether she wants to or not, Anita has to fuck a bunch of different guys. Because of the ardeur!

Whether she wants to or not, Merry has to fuck a bunch of different guys. Because she has to get pregnant!

Anita starts off with a finite group of men. Then there's a man!splosion.

Merry starts off with a finite group of men. Then there's a man!splosion.

A central arc of the ABVH for the first eight or nine books was the Jean Claude-Anita-Richard triangle. Then Micah swoops in from, like wereleopard Guam or something and blows the well-established dynamic to hell.

A central arc of MG has been the Doyle-Merry-Frost triangle. Now, apparently, Mistral swoops in from god knows where, judging by the events of the last book and the title of the next book, screws up the established dynamic.

It was obvious from the get-go that Merry and Anita were whompingly similar, but this is just getting riduculous. It's like she's not even writing two different series any more. And since she's taking them both in the same, bad direction, this isn't a good thing. I mean, it's so similar that both her deu sex machinas names both start with M. And who wants to bet that Mistral turns out to be the one that completes Merry and doesn't threaten her dominance and is her perfect yes-man?

I certainly think authors should feel free to take their characters in new and unexpected directions, but I think that's been one of my biggest problems with accepting Micah. When you've invested, like, nine books in "Richard or Jean Claude??" it's a little hard to let that go in the space of fifty or so pages. It'd be like if Felicity had decided in S4 to ditch Noel and Ben and hook up with the Chinese delivery guy.

So yeah. Thus far, not wild about Mistral's Kiss.
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Sorry to have another one so soon after the last, but...oh my god, the woman makes it too damn easy. LKH in italics, me in normal text.

Another Blog Flog, this time in MINI! )


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