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In our quest for fun content in the community, the mods have decided to put up a little reminder of the challenges we have available for Lashers. If you're looking for something to do, and/or just want to post to get a bunch of comments, feel free to participate in any of these!

Modly Notes:
• Many of the challenges have "deadlines" listed on the original challenge announcement posts. These can be disregarded. We no longer consider challenges to be close-ended, and want to invite anyone interested to participate. These even includes the icon challenge, despite the fact that it was originally put out as a contest to create and vote on an icon for the community.
• Some of the Challenges have rules against posting your entries directly to the community. We are revoking this rule and allowing people to post challenge content directly to the community.
• In some cases, these rules are different from when the challenges were originally posted. This is because the community itself has evolved since many of these were posted. From here on out, this post should be considered the rules for the challenge posts so please refer to these if you are unsure of anything. As always, the mods are open to any further questions you may have.
• We've had a general ban on fanworks here in the community, but going through the tags, we've discovered that there have been several icon posts over the years. We are currently in the final stages of editing the new FAQ (yes! really!), and in it we've allowed fanworks under the cover of the challenges. As long as your creations stick to the guidelines, they are more than welcome!
• When participating in the challenges, make sure to title your entries with the Challenge name, and to TAG your entry with the correct tag.

Ten open Challenges! )
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Title: Pandora’s Lie
Word Count: 3,200
Spoilers: None.
Part: 1/3
Summary: Rocks fall, everyone dies.
A/N: This is my end-game fantasy that I wish would take place instead of NiC onward. And thank heavens for RPGs. And for the purposes of Awesome, let’s assume that the Anitaverse has the best mobile phone coverage that’s ever existed.

I tried to figure out where to cut it off for a "cinematic" release, but I'm afraid you're stuck with the Director's Cut.
Disclaimer: All things AB:VH belong to LKH. I’m just playing there, and I brought a bunch of my own characters with me. Gabriel is mine, all mine, yes he is my preciousss…MUAH HA HA HA!

Something was wrong. Very wrong. )
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Title: Mouton Enragé
Spoilers: up to and including CS, but very general
Warnings: Not to be taken even remotely seriously.
Disclaimers: LKH owns the characters and the Anitaverse. The term actually was in the Weird & Wonderful Words page-a-day calendar. The fic is mine. My precious, my own! ;-)

Mouton Enragé )
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If you want to be an affiliate, send an email to the gmail address with info. Only relevant sites will be considered, so as cool as your Pink Fluffy Bunny Shrine is, it's not what we're looking for.

[livejournal.com profile] deathink
An LKH fanfiction community which welcomes all types of LKH fanfic. Created and run by our beloved [livejournal.com profile] dwg.

[livejournal.com profile] killherdarlings
An LKH fanworks community for death and/or snark ONLY. (Yes, it was spawned by the challenge here.) Created and run by [livejournal.com profile] pith.
a) there are no "thematic restrictions" here: you can write death-by-Edward, crossovers, multiple deaths, whatever. The big restriction is that the fanworks must have death and/or snark.
b) feel free to repost your challenge fics there if you like.

As always, read the respective FAQs before joining and posting—IF you want to join, that is. No obligation.
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Title: Inside
Length: 585+/- Words.
Spoilers: ONE fact from later books, but nothing that will truly ruin reading them.
Warnings: Might be a slight ick factor, but nothing too heavy.
Author's Note: I couldn't resist, honest.
Disclaimer: The characters and general setting belong to Laurel K Hamilton, as does the jumping off point. The results and piece are otherwise fignewtons of my own deranged mind.

Inside )

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Title: Girl-Talk
Word Count: 2,735 (omg)
Spoilers: If you know the basic outlines of ID and Micah and have heard about what goes on in the preview chapters for Danse Macabre, you’ll be fine.
Summary: Melanie and Anita talk about men.
Warnings: Badfic. No, really. I have my Anita-filter on. It takes forever to get to the point and the commas are like the eighth plague of Egypt. My thesaurus has also been severely neglected to the point where I think I’ve violated something in the Geneva Convention. Also, this is long. But only because of the whole Anita-filter thing.
Disclaimer: All things AB:VH belong to LKH. I'm just playing there.

I never would have pictured myself having girl-talk with Melanie )
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Title: Armageddon
Word Count: 781 words
Spoilers: Just names.
Warnings: Some language, mature subject matter.
Summary: Anita dies last
A/N: Hey, the way things are going, it COULD happen...
Disclaimer: All things AB:VH belong to LKH. The rest is just fignewtons of my deranged mind.

Now IMPROVED, with new, neat spiffy material (in bold)!

And Then There Was Nothing )
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Title: Non-Refundable Gift
Word Count: 1, 695 (I can’t write a short-fic to save myself)
Spoilers: Narcissus in Chains…kinda.
Summary: Gretchen gets fed up.
A/N: I…hate writing action. But love my crazy.
Disclaimer: All things AB:VH belong to LKH. I'm just playing there.

Life outside the box was hard. )
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I have no idea. No, really. It just popped in my brain. Zerbrowski's turn. Because his car fascinates me.

Zerbrowski had known that it would be a bad idea to take his car... )
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FYI: I apologize sincerely to anyone who reads this. At least my other attempts were somewhat plausible. This one? Not so much. But it made me giggle. And I should at least get some points for using the verb "spill" in conjunction with an actual liquid. =)

Spoilers: Er... NiC, I guess, because it involves Micah's existence. Or did he arrive in CS? I can't recall.
Disclaimers: LKH owns the characters and world. The story is mine.

Adventures in Tubbing )
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Ok, first ever fanfic type anything--so I apologize if it absolutely sucks. And for the extensive use of the comma. And the ...'s.
Still. Yay for entertainment!

Title:Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
Spoilers: No real spoilers, as long as you know who each character is (Micah, Nathaniel, Raina)
Length: 507 words

Opening my eyes to the bright light )
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My very first AB:VH ficlet. No shocking spoilers or anything. If you're in this community, you know it already.

He'd had it. He could take it no more. )
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This... is bad. I apologize. But the plot bunny was insidious and would not go away. Blame it on the Mary Sues.

Enjoy with sadistic glee.

Wake up, sleepyhead... )
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Killing her darlings: Jamil

I thought this was too fun to pass up, so I made it my first try at fan fiction.
No major spoilers. I added the last names because I couldn't find them in the books.

Articles and the truth )
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The characters are mostly Laurel K Hamilton's, as is the actual background. The current happenings are entirely fignewtons of my own derranged mind.

Dunno if you can call anything in here a true spoiler. Y'all know who Asher is, right? Well, this kinda continues my first postie, in which we find out how JC really feels, and that Micah has been screwed unto death. This time, we flash to Asher's take, and the beginning of the end of an Anita. Now, I will warn, there's a hint of slashy goodness, but just a hint.

Let the games begin!

Let the Games Begin! )
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I'll admit that this fic went a totally different direction than I had originally intended. It got away from me, and ended up being both longer (1,637 word count) and much less... action-oriented than I intended, but it's amusing enough. In truth, I wasn't even planning on making Anita the victim in this fic; it just sort of came out that way. Maybe I can try and recapture the original plot bunny and keep it on track for another fic. This fic has no title, and there aren't really any spoilers if you've read up to Blue Moon; it references some things introduced past that, but nothing dramatic.

The plan was nearly complete. )
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Spoilers: OB... and that whole "Edward calls Anita for sex advice" lark.

Again, it's a quickie, but... count your lucky stars I didn't write the one in which Micah gets his membrum virile stuck in the bathtub drain. *eg*

Happy Hunting )
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This is the first fic or fic-y type thing I have ever written. So, you know. Be gentle with me.

It's hugely long (about 1,200 words) but, you know. These things happen.

Spoilers: If you don't know Anita's a hor, don't read.
Disclaimer: These are not my characters, *thank god.* They belong to Laurell K. Hamilton, may god have mercy on her soul. And this scene is entirely a product of my wishful thinking fevered imagination.

I used to love her... but I had to kill her. )
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Word Count: 1,086
Spoilers: None, only that Micah exists.
Summary: Zerbrowski has to take statements to an incident outside Guilty Pleasures.
A/N: After reading the sex scene in Micah for the second time, and given how Anita likes it rough, I have to wonder what would happen if the cops busted in.
Disclaimer: All things AB:VH belong to LKH. I'm just playing there.

Zerbrowski sits on the edge of the hospital bed )
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POSSIBLE SPOILERS:several books, including Cerulean Sins, Burnt Offerings, Bloody Bones, Blue Moon and I can't remember what else.
DISCLAIMER:World belongs to LKH. AB characters belong to her, unnamed killer belongs to me. Motorcycle belongs to Ducati.
BLAME:[livejournal.com profile] dwg[livejournal.com profile] saadiira

AB character death challenge )</lj


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