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Link: Dead Ice: Micah
Disclaimer: This blog entry is verbatim, as originally posted on LKH's blog. Copyright belongs to Ma Petite Enterprises.

Mod note: Contains rape discussion.

Dead Ice: Micah )
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Link: Aug 18 2013, 11:28
Disclaimer: This blog entry is verbatim, as originally posted on LKH's Facebook. Copyright belongs to Ma Petite Enterprises.

This is what Micah's eyes look like. This book is full if extraordinary images.

Cut for image. )
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The first chapter of Flirt is available to download on LKH's site! It's 18 pages of unformatted, PDF joy.  According to the promo page, this is what the book is about:
When Anita Blake meets with prospective client Tony Bennington, who is desperate to have her reanimate his recently deceased wife, she is full of sympathy for his loss. Anita knows something about love, and she knows everything there is to know about loss. But what she also knows, though Tony Bennington seems unwilling to be convinced, is that the thing she can do as a necromancer isn't the miracle he thinks he needs. The creature that Anita could coerce to step out of the late Mrs. Bennington's grave would not be the lovely Mrs. Bennington. Not really. And not for long.
This just makes me think that Anita will stand on the edge of the grave and wave Scooby Snacks over it, or have a fishing pole with marshmallows on the hooks while she coos, "c'mon, if you don't get out of your grave, I'm going to kick your dog."

It also says this about the book's release date:

I had to ask someone just in case it was a strange American crazy vowel thing, but apparently not. Oh dear.

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As a young woman who has yet to experience to pleasures of a man in her bed (I'm far too picky and thus far have not found anybody who has earned that privilege), I have a question for those of you better equipped to answer it.

If Micah has such a large penis that he's never been able to have pleasurable sex with a woman, how is it different with Anita? I can't remember what book it was in, but she mentioned to him that, just like men have different penis sizes, women have different vagina sizes.

Which brings me to my question--exactly how enormously gaping and all-consumingwide and/or deep would Anita's vagina have to be in order to take in something so large without finding it painful like the rest?

Is that even physically possible? I know that Micah's gigantor penis is just about physically impossible, but what about a gigantor vagina? Originally I assumed that all the sex she'd been having before Micah would have done the trick of making her wider...but Laurell makes it very crystal clear that we understand how "tight" Anita is every time. *gags*
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I was browsing through my local pharmacy tonight, and of course i hit up the paperback section to see if there was anything i had to have.  I happened upon a copy of Micah, and the 2 books it was sitting next to had me laughing for about 10 minutes straight.  I quickly grabbed my phone to take a pic and share the lolz....

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I haven't read anything past NiC yet, but I'm wondering...

Cut for Spoilers )
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Sorry to spam the comm. I don't mean to. I've just been looking at backlogs. And I noticed something; a group of somethings. It was enough to get me thinking.

We keep saying ANita/Merry = LKH. We keep talking about the blogs and the books and what the sex in the books and the lack of character death etc seems to be saying about LKH. We keep comparing it to a 15yr old. And I suddenly had a thought.

When a 15 yr old breaks up with someone she really cares about and starts writing wish fulfillment fantasy, what does she write?

Doesn't she write about being so desirable that it makes no sense that she was left in the first place? Doesn't she make the person filling in for the 'one who left' into an idiot? A jealous idiot? Doesn't she try to control circumstances in the fantasy world so she, her character, will never be left again? Will never be found lacking? Will never have to feel unloved or suspect any kind of complications? Doesn't she make all other girls jealous of her wonderful life? Doesn't she re-write 'the one who left' into his opposite? The one who stays? Who adores her and never fights and is perfect and supporting and echoes everything her brain wants?

We know LKH keeps writing about the loss of death. We know she hasn't seemed to be over the death of her mother yet, after all these years. Could she not be over the loss of her first husband? Could she, in fact, have picked up the 'fantasy wish fulfillment' guy in Jon? And he's doing what a fantasy wish fulfillment guy does? Which is to stroke the ego and make the girl feel like the prettiest, most special thing ever? Micah made real?

Doesn't the bitterness over 'the one who left', turn him into 'the one who couldn't love me' / 'the one who was threatened by me' / 'the one I'm stronger than' ? Isn't that Richard? Unable to move on, forever drawn back to Anita? Just the way a 15yr old would wish 'the one who left' to be? To never be able to forget her? To regret and stew in his own jealousy and stupidity and helplessness?

Anita and Richard as a parallel of LKH wanting to be more powerful, more over her ex than he is of her? And Anita's harem is the wish fulfillment of 'living well as the best revenge' ? Ha ha ha, pretend we're having a good time = Jon?

It probably goes more into LKH's life than many of us want to get into. But it is awfully exposed in her blogs and her writing - isn't it?

As for Merry, she'd be the 'Everything you thought I wouldn't do? / Everything you wouldn't let me do' fantasy?

Or am I just reading too much in the prior quality of the books and the fact that the ex disagreed with her and the current doesn't and his toadying doesn't seem very much like love, care and concern?
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I'm in the middle of reading Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series. In the middle of a book I'm reading, she introduces a bit character's husband.

His name was Micah.

I had to put the book down, and dry heave like a cat with a hairball for ten minutes before I could get the awful taste of wereleopard crap out of my mouth and continue reading the book. Thank you, LKH, for ruining a name that would other wise be perfectly acceptable. I'm still reading in hopes that this character will suddenly meet a violent end and fulfill my private fantasies.
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Title: Mouton Enragé
Spoilers: up to and including CS, but very general
Warnings: Not to be taken even remotely seriously.
Disclaimers: LKH owns the characters and the Anitaverse. The term actually was in the Weird & Wonderful Words page-a-day calendar. The fic is mine. My precious, my own! ;-)

Mouton EnragĂ© )
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Ah, the occasionally quarterly nuggets of wisdom. *L* Newsletter excerpts in italics; yours truly in plain jane text.

News to Die For )
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FYI: I apologize sincerely to anyone who reads this. At least my other attempts were somewhat plausible. This one? Not so much. But it made me giggle. And I should at least get some points for using the verb "spill" in conjunction with an actual liquid. =)

Spoilers: Er... NiC, I guess, because it involves Micah's existence. Or did he arrive in CS? I can't recall.
Disclaimers: LKH owns the characters and world. The story is mine.

Adventures in Tubbing )
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Ok, first ever fanfic type anything--so I apologize if it absolutely sucks. And for the extensive use of the comma. And the ...'s.
Still. Yay for entertainment!

Title:Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
Spoilers: No real spoilers, as long as you know who each character is (Micah, Nathaniel, Raina)
Length: 507 words

Opening my eyes to the bright light )
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Word Count: 1,086
Spoilers: None, only that Micah exists.
Summary: Zerbrowski has to take statements to an incident outside Guilty Pleasures.
A/N: After reading the sex scene in Micah for the second time, and given how Anita likes it rough, I have to wonder what would happen if the cops busted in.
Disclaimer: All things AB:VH belong to LKH. I'm just playing there.

Zerbrowski sits on the edge of the hospital bed )
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No real spoilers, minimal violence, some allusion to smut, and a take on a certain Master vampire that Anita doesn't seem to want to contemplate quite enough of late.

Disclaimer: The characters herein are Laurell K. Hamilton's. The situation is entirely a fignewton of my own demented brain.

Buh Bye, Micah! )

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One of my friends IM'd me and we got to discussing Kim Harrison vs LKH - he was feeling all special that Harrison replied to his guestbook entry, and then I lead him to the trauma of the scary LKH image on the official site.

That's when he pointed out the Micah merch. )

From a design standpoint, I really don't like the fonts on any of the shirts. I keep thinking that I, or my friends, could come up with something classier over a weekend with photoshop and iron-on transfers.

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Blog flog: March 21, 2005

First the snark, then the challenge...

Enter if you dare... )


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