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Link: A present from me to you, because our government is behaving badly
Disclaimer: This blog entry is verbatim, as originally posted on LKH's blog. Copyright belongs to Ma Petite Enterprises.

This story is for all my readers who have been impacted by the current political SNAFU – and for anyone else who might need to enjoy a free story in these difficult times.

“Shutdown”, will be available free for the duration of the government shutdown. Once the government is back in business then the short story will no longer be available on line, at least not until my publisher and I figure out what we might want to do with it. But for right now, while we’re all wondering how it got to this point, here’s a brand new Anita Blake short story, featuring our favorite bad boy werewolf, yep, I mean Richard Zeeman. Hey, I’ve been telling you, he’s been working his therapy: read on to see the results that hard work and being brave enough to own your whole self can get you.

Get “Shutdown” here:

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There are two things I've been wondering about.

Do you think that Hamilton's limited touring for the last few books is due to her, or due to her popularity? It seems like she only does five or less signings. I know she hates flying, but has her touring schedule always been so limited? Is this typical of other authors? I wonder if she's telling her manager/agent, "I won't do an extensive tour; I'm too important and my muse needs me at home!" or do you think her manager just can't get her any more tour locations and dates?

The other thing, is what logic flaws always bugged you in the books? (Well, I guess we don't have to limit her lunacy to the books, though that was what I was originally pondering.) I don't mean things like, "Well, all that sex would DEFINITELY lead to chafing." I mean more like when we cock our heads and make the puppy Baroo? sound when she talks about how super high heels are best for a messed up ankle.

My two biggest headdesk moments (from before I stopped reading at CS) were Anita claiming that tight shirts can replace a bra and that Richard had to "bend nearly double" to kiss her. I nearly concussed myself when, in one of the later books, Anita doesn't have access to a bra (I can't even remember why, at this point) so she puts on a super tight shirt and claims that's all you need with boobs as big as hers. SO not true.

As to Richard, he's supposed to be- what?- 6'3? 6'4? And Anita is, depending on her mood, or the tide or something, 5'2/5'3/5'4. In high school, I was the same height difference from my boyfriend as Anita was from Richard and we never had any issues kissing. Boyfriend never strained his neck, and we never had to call in a chiropractor to adjust his spine. This whole "bend nearly double" nonsense always made me facepalm myself a nice, red welt.

Soooo, thinking back on the books, what little errors did Anita make that made you, even as a fan, cock your head in confusion?
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She also goes into a few other details of Narcissus in Chains and the rumor that Micah=Jonboi.  This interview has more details on that than any other that I've seen.  Ans she actually admits that she wanted Micah for Anita because during the writing she felt so lonely and didn't want Anita to be lonely.  So of course instead of having Anita run to Richard, or Jean-Claude for comfort, she should turn to the guy who raped her in the shower. 

Again it's an old interview, at this time her newest book is Danse Macabre, but it is a good read.


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 If LKH was trying to show us that werewolves are inherently unable to deal with democracy, I don't think she illustrated her point very well.

Was voting Anita out of the pack supposed to prove that to readers? I thought it showed that the other werewolves had the sense of self-respect that Richard loses around Anita.

They were right to reject the non werewolf lupa who betrayed their king  the very night he took the throne because she found him, and thus all werewolves disgusting. On top of this betrayal, they are then expected to share their disloyal non-werewolf queen with the vampires who feed on them, and the leopards, their former torturers?

As for Jacob, he fought his way up the pack through the old combat system. Richard retained popular support. If anything, this shows that Richard should have retained a modified form of democracy, and altered the rules for combat to qualify that the wolves would have to win their battles through non-lethal force, as he had.
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OK everyone, help me out here. Did I make up that Richard got attacked whilst with his girlfriend, and she dumped him because he got infected and became a werewolf?

Cause....in the new book, it discusses how he became infected. And I don't even remember reference to this way of infection in the past, and now it's in this book a few times.

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I'm relatively sure this has been discussed before, but I'm new, so I plead ignorance.
Is it me, or was pre 'being turned into a psycho dick for strange reasons' Richard the ONLY main character with a moral outlook even close to approaching one accepted by our society, what with the not being a sociopath killer and preferring giving his people a say in how things were run rather than tyrannising them? And he's the one Anita constantly rags on about for being weak and stupid and a silly idealist?
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can someone explain to me how "rolling" someone works? i'm not quite sure since it seemed to have changed to something completely different than how i saw it originally after DM.

continuing on to wade through the sludge that is DM

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Don't know why I bothered, actually, it practically snarks itsself...

Sex with Richard, finally. The sex was great, as always.

That's nice, Laurell. No really, I mean it. Everyone needs a good shag once in a while, and then of course the logical conclusion is to post about it on the world wide web. Excellent.

Hang on, something's wrong.... isn't Anita supposed to be the one having sex...? Sorta fictional character on fictional character?

The sex has never been the problem for Richard and Anita. But as always it never goes quite as I expected. For a character that was created to be my nice quiet harbor, Richard always seems to be the wild card.

It really is more traditional for the author to control the characters and scenes. However, due to the millions of bytes worth of exposition on the subject I shall merely content myself with this:
Laurell, you're mad. Like, really mad.
I think that makes my point well enough.

Gotta go, expected at the in-laws for a barbecue

Ok, in all honesty this is the part of her update that most frightens me. Can you imagine the small talk?

"Laurell, honey, how's your writing going?"

"Very well, thank you Maude. Today my unashamedly Mary-Sue avatar and I had rough-and-ready rumpy-pumpy with my ex-husb...oh sorry, I meant to say with a character that we really should have killed or at least stopped boinking six or so books ago, but it's ok because the Royal We really feel that making the Beast With Two Backs with him is VITAL, VITAL to the plot, because if this scene had not happened then I'd have had to put off 'til tomorrow the discussion of the size of his man-bits and how exactly they collide with my cervix, and we simply MUST have that conversation bafore the plot advances any furthur.... oh damn. Dear? Could you please ring home and leave a message on the machine reminding me to insert a plot into the book? It should fit nicely between the were-fivesome and the descriptive passage of how much we like flaccid cock. Thanks sweetie! *mwah*"
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Blog flog!


I think DANSE MACABRE, or events in the book, made Richard have to look more realistically at what he can expect between himself and Anita.

What? Sex? I'm not sure this will come as a surprise.
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Blog flog!


I think Richard will be introduced in the next chapter.

OH HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. This is what, book 15? We do NOT need a whole fucking chapter taken up explaining "This is my ex fiance who I still think is perfect for me and just can't get over, also he has a huge penis and is wangsty about it, also we are bound together by the vampire marks but act like we hate each other until he takes off his shirt and I can't breathe. But I'm totally over him. Uh-huh."
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I'll admit that this fic went a totally different direction than I had originally intended. It got away from me, and ended up being both longer (1,637 word count) and much less... action-oriented than I intended, but it's amusing enough. In truth, I wasn't even planning on making Anita the victim in this fic; it just sort of came out that way. Maybe I can try and recapture the original plot bunny and keep it on track for another fic. This fic has no title, and there aren't really any spoilers if you've read up to Blue Moon; it references some things introduced past that, but nothing dramatic.

The plan was nearly complete. )
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Let's consider the "counteract fangirlism" challenge on hold. If you come up with a lovely scathing post, by all means, don't deprive us of it. But for now, a change of pace.

What do/did you like about the books? Be as positive as possible in your response. I'm saying you have to gush and say "OMG Laurell is so kewl!!!!11!". But by the same token, don't constantly draw the negativity/errors into your post either. For example, if your thought is something like "I really liked how she managed the sexual tension between Anita and JC", don't end the sentence with "until she turned Anita into Super Whore 3000." It kinda kills the point of the exercise, which is prove that there are/were things we still like. After all, if we flat-out hated LKH's work, would we waste our time on it in an LJ community? (Rhetorical question, that.)

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Blog flog: Friday, June 03, 2005

As ever, LKH's stuff in italics, mine not so much.

One thing that used to concern me was when I was between two and three hundred pages in and still had not gotten to the full meat of the mystery or main plot.... Lots of stuff is happening, important stuff, but the fact that there's no villain in sight, well, I'm cool with that. I knew the first half of this book was mainly to solidify control of the arduer and the whole powers thing, and that's what we're doing.

Three hundred pages in and there's no sign of a bad guy, much less a plot? That's never a good sign. Especially in a series which is supposed to be mystery-driven (but we all know how much that is not happening). Sounds like the next Anita "novel" is going to be a work to rival Incubus Dreams, all right.

Though, unfortunately Anita and Richard have already had one fight. I was really hoping for at least one book where we didn't fight.

I'm just going to attempt to ignore the "we". Why do we have to have a book where they don't fight? If I was Richard, and the girl I (for some sick, masochistic reason) liked was sleeping with -- what is it now? -- eight other guys? Well, needless to say, I'd be somewhat annoyed. Actually, I'd have dumped her hiney ages ago, but of course, this is LKH's world, and no one's ever allowed to leave. I pity those poor characters.

Since some people seem a little puzzled by the concept of the whole novel-lite, and what it means, I'm going to be doing an essay about it in the next newsletter.

Hm. That says so many things about her remaining fanbase, I think. ;)


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