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In the books LKH descirbes Anita as representing thick women, calling thinner women "boys with breasts", always putting Anita in some form of competition with the taller slender females.
LKH herself isn't thin so it makes sense that she would want to represent fuller women but in the comics Anita has a very small waist with big boobs and thighs which doesnt represent most full figured women at all. It might represent a playmate, or a porn stars and maybe the few who genetically happen to have that body. So how is having an Anita that looks like Nicki Minaj celebrating thick women's bodies? Won't the women who read the Anita books and rejoiced that a non-model type could get so much male attention just be upset by the fact that their proportions aren't like that at all?
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Do go check out the new Annotated Anita on the ISB. He's been neglecting her for a while, so he's playing a bit of catch up -- a double dose, issues 9 and 10. I think the strain might be catching up with Chris Sims; I lost some of my coffee, there.

No, he is not paying me. :-) "Grab your own copy and follow along..."

I have to say, I don't hate the art.

edit: Holy smoke, she has a flesh-tone!
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It's funny, but in the book I didn't notice the complete lack of plot logic in GP. Now I do, since this chapter basically is filler.

And the artwork is actually getting worse. Not ham-thigh collagen-lipped JC-looks-like-a-girl-carved-out-of-white-gelatin bad, but still pretty awful.

Onto Teh Snarkage! )
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Amid all teh drah-ma of this ridiculous name-that-stripper contest, the eighth volume of Guilty Pleasures came out. No, I didn't notice either, but considering its lack of plot, I'm not surprised.

Ron Lim is doing a better job of things, despite Anita's cross scar looking like a red tattoo. Of course, I think he could do a damn lot BETTER, but seems to be crippled by LKH's overweening Vision of How Her Friends and Lovers... I mean, Characters Look. So while the ham thighs are no longer there, the creepily serpentine hair with Hanging Squiggle and giant Angelina-Jolie-on-collagen lips are still there.

Onto Teh Snarkage! )
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Well, as LKH so ecstatically told us, the latest part of GP is out. I honestly do not know if these count as spoilers, since the book has been out forevah, but just in case, I will give it a nice snippy.

Spoilerfest )

And there it ends for this chapter. Blah, said Toad. I'm looking forward to the next one, if nothing else to see if the next artist will have the same absurd expressions as the last one.
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[personal profile] pith

Well, I guess all I can say is that comic readers have never been renowned for being sensible. (And yes, I say this as an avid comic reader, so I'm slamming myself too.)

Marvel and LKH keep claiming they have great sales numbers, but honestly, I'm not seeing it. At least not at the stores I frequent. All of them have multiple copies of issues 4, 5, and 6; they're hardly "flying off the shelves". I know a handful of people who have dropped the title from their file.

Maybe I should just be grateful that Anita's actually got a skin tone now?
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Can be found here.

As most of you know now, we lost Brett Booth as our artist for the comics. I was pretty broken hearted about that. I'd hoped we could all work something out, but it was his choice and it was not to be.

I had no idea. Did the man finally come to his senses and discover that his characters looked frightening, with their ham-sized thighs and freakishly curly hair? I wonder if the new artist will be an improvement. Although, probably not as she continues to say this: Jon and I were the ones who went over every piece of art, script, lettering, that hasn't changed. So they'll just keep searching until they can find someone to duplicate the scariness - and who is willing to deal with the crazy that is LKH. A daunting task.

Then there's this:
The comic will continue. You guys will be seeing the second half of THE FIRST DEATH in October. Issue seven of GUILTY PLEASURES is being colored as I write this.

My first thought was of Jon sitting there with a box of Crayola's, making sure he stays in the lines, muttering under his breath about how nothing will stop *his* comic from coming out.

I have to admit though, I feel for her with the bad news she's been having with her dogs lately. One of my guys is really starting to slow down badly and I worry for him.
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Photocopied, then scanned. (I lost the page number [will get it tomorrow] but it's in the current issue, with HP on the front.)

If Buffy approached middle age and moved to St. Louis, she'd be pretty close to the title character of this series. )

I don't get the impression that they liked it.

Oh my....

Jul. 10th, 2007 07:44 pm
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Just when you think you have see it all! LKH is holding a special luncheon at SDCC where all proceeds will benifit the CBLDF (Comic Book Legal Defence Fund) which is a very good cause....but why LKH? And wait till you see the price tag...

Article )

Be sure to check out the link, lovely snark in the comments there!
[identity profile] easol.livejournal.com
Which was just posted on amazon.com. It doesn't bother much with the story, as with the adaptation and the artwork, which I personally found... well, just read if you want my thoughts, perchance. And be relatively gentle with me, because this is only a first draft -- any constructive criticism will be hugged and tucked in with a teddy bear.

PS. Edited.

Title: Guilty!
Ranking: 2 Stars

Once upon a time, before the Anita Blake series became cheap porn with well-endowed vampires and werethingies, there was "Guilty Pleasures."

And like many a successful fantasy/horror novel before it, Laurell K. Hamilton's breakout story has been adapted into graphic novel form, with "Guilty Pleasures, Vol. 1" compiling the first six issues. The results... are mixed. It comes across as a goth teen's daydreams, wrapped in indifferent artwork that doesn't seem quite to match the storyline.

The story: Anita Blake is a vampire hunter and an animator, able to raise zombies from the dead. She also isn't too fond of vampires or weres, though St. Louis is swarming with them. So when a vampire comes to hire her, she turns him down. But at a bachelorette party, she soon finds herself hip-deep in vampire politics -- and a dangerous enemy who is trying to kill her.

Things only get more complicated when she ends up facing the Master of the City, the deceptively childlike Nikolaos, and a dungeon full of wererats. To find who is offing vampires in St. Louis, she'll need to relax her "no vamps" rule -- and join forces with the mysterious, seductive Jean-Claude.

The graphic novel is pretty faithful to the original novel, sticking closely to the storyline of the original novel -- lots of lines like "You don't have to be undead to be evil, but it helps." Stacie M. Ritchie and then Jess Ruffner provide some pretty good adaptation of the first-person dialogue, which is never easy.

But... a big but...

A graphic novel is more than its words -- it's art too. Brett Booth has done some great artwork in the past, but he doesn't seem to have his heart in this one. It's decent artwork, admittedly -- bright colours, detail, well-drawn in general. It's the little details that make it silly, including the mangaish illustrations (Anita's GIANT lips) in a realistically-drawn comic.

In fact, these become more prominent as the comic proceeds. Often the action described doesn't match the illustrations (while thinking, "I'm not a coward," Anita huddles down and wrings her hands). And we get other visual quirks, like giant thick thighs -- they pop up on lots of people like Anita and the rat king, but Madge's enormous thunder thighs (each is thicker than her waist) are the funniest thing in the whole book.

Anita Blake herself is the most comically drawn -- she's as pale as an albino, except she has ridiculously flowing curly hair; it's always falling coyly over her eyes, and occasionally it drapes itself a good six inches in front of her face. Perhaps as a reflection of Booth's own mood, she also always looks bored -- even when she's supposed to be screaming with terror, she looks like she's yawning.

Nor does it help that Jean-Claude looks exactly like a breastless Anita, right down to the albino skin and artificially flowing hair. The other characters don't fare that well either: Bert looks like a blond Frankenstein's Monster, Philip looks like he's covered with herpes, Edward looks like a perv, and Nikolaos looks like a Disney heroine, which I don't think was the intention.

"Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures" takes on a fairly amusing book, and transforms it into a tepid graphic novel. Interesting for completists, but an exercise in lackluster art for all others.
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Chris Sims, a blogger who regularly cracks hard on the Anita Blake comic, the way we here at Lashouts crack on the blogs and the books - has been quoted on the back of the hardcover 6 issue compilation of the comic book.

How freaking hard up were they for blurbs?

Yeah yeah, it's one line.

But in reality this* is it's true context.

And if you haven't read Chris' take on the whole Guilty Pleasure, the Comic Book - here you go. That's a nice neat search entry from his old blog and I'm fairly certain his new website should make finding the more recent review as easy.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, however, seeing as how Dabel was directing fans to Chris' mockery of the series as a promotional tactic!

*breathes* Something's not right in the world. Someone want to tell me what it is?

ETA: Link to Adam Berry quote. Link to ComicCritique quote. So one actual positive review to two disappointed ones.
*(fixed link)
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Those of you that dabble in comics fandom may already be aware of Chris's Invincible Super-Blog, which offers up tastily scathing reviews, commentary, and tons of the best kind of old skool crack.

Anyway. Chris has been hilariously dissecting each issue of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter comic series for the past few months, and it's the best kind of literary flogging.

He started out promisingly with his review of #3 (linked below):

"Yes, Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #3 hit stands yesterday, and so tonight, I'm devoting the ISB to an exhaustive, scurrilous set of notes on what may actually be the most awesomely terrible comic being put out by a major publisher today.

Grab your own copy and read along!"

Anyway. Since #6 hit the stands last week, I give you The Annotated Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #6.

The best part? Is that the creative team on the comic got linked to his entries/reviews/flogging, and apparently wrote him about his reviews. To which Chris responded:

"So! Now that I've built up a small amount of goodwill from the people who make this thing, I think it's time to completely blow it with another round of comprehensive notes on the subtle nuances and were-rat Daisy Dukes of everyone's fourth-favorite vampire hunter, now featuring even more guys in mesh tank tops than anyone could have possibly predicted."

There's bonus snark in every review about Anita's poor taste in armaments, as Chris makes her go toe-to-toe with the Punisher Armoury.

Here are all the reviews, in descending order, from #6 to #1. Seriously, I sprained a rib (and an ovary) laughing.

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I know publishing is full of buy-more ploys, and that it's not just LKH. It just sickens me how she's using comics as her new little toy, because comics get very little respect as is; they don't need those craptastic "posters" dragging them down further into the mud.

Anyway, while going through the comic catalogue to make my monthly order, I was faced with yet more signs of LKH's shameless marketing )

And completely unrelated, but I felt the need to share. Many of us have commented on how LKH seems to talk about her child as a burden. Compare to Neil Gaiman, who would quite possibly be the coolest dad ever (except I have a litcrush on him, and crushing on your dad is just… not good):

"You know dad," said Holly, who has turned up for the day to make sure I'm alive and get hugged. "Your hair is doing some really interesting things today." By which she means it looks like it's getting ready to escape from my head and go hunting for weasels.
[identity profile] dwg.livejournal.com
I'll admit that the last blog confuse me a little, because no - I haven't seen the Phillip poster that Brett Booth did.

But I have now. And I give it to you guys. )

...the sad part is, people will indeed spend the $24.99 on this.

AB Comic 4

Feb. 25th, 2007 08:51 pm
[identity profile] dan-lian.livejournal.com
It's morbidly fascinating, in that trainwreck way.


WTF. He's in it, and he looks like a *twelve year old*. Maybe sixteen. IT SHOULD NOT BE!
[identity profile] sharkbytes.livejournal.com

We've all been laughing/shuddering at some of the art in the comic version of Guilty Pleasures.  Like the thunder thighs and the throw-proportions-to-the-wind attitude.  Now we have something far more disturbing to laugh at:  They're selling merchandise with the comic book art imprinted on it.  I had to look, and I swear, anyone in this community could make better items for sale using one hand and a pack of sharpies.  The most offensive offering, in my humble opinion, were these *extremely sexy* men's boxer shorts with Comic!Jean-Claude emblazoned on the thigh.  

So many questions spring to mind: Who would wear these? Who would make these?  Was it deliberate?  Why are the boxers the cheap white kind that are given away at theme parties, usually bearing the legend "i danced my pants off at _______'s sweet 16"?  

But anyway, i thought i'd share the lolz, because nothing says funny like Anita Blake postage pals.  Not an actual stamp, mind.  But a sticker of some sort with a space for the stamp.  Sorry, LKH.  Elvis can be a stamp.  Not Anita.  

EDIT:  One of the things that has always bothered me is that on almost every piece of merchandise, there is a huge font that reads"Laurell K Hamilton Anita Blake Series" or some incarnation of the statement.  In my humble opinion, merchandise that is successful is subtle, without much fanfare and credit, that allows fans to squee when they see it, and non-fans to wonder what the deal is.  Case in point: I have a black tshirt with a huge yellow pepper on the front with a big bite taken out of it.  That's it.  People will stop me in the street to ask where i got it, what it's about, etc.  Fans of Iron Chef, who get the reference, literally go berserk and ask where they can get one.  That is successful merchandise, it doesn't need a huge font at the bottom proclaiming Iron Chef, and whoever the hell created it. 

[identity profile] shadwing.livejournal.com

Okay, nothing too extreme or note worthy, I would have skipped if cept for this one tiny item

“The new edition will feature an exclusive sketch cover drawn by series artist Brett Booth featuring Anita Blake in the midst of a voodoo ritual,”

Ummmm pardon me for asking but what is a Catholic of Hispanic origins doing practicing Voodoo? Or is this something missed while skimming past the bad smut?
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Now there's going to be a freakin' handbook for the Guilty Pleasures comic. Oy. Marvel really has no shame, do they? I'm happy that the only title I get from them is Blade, because that's easy enough to let go if I ever get to the boycotting stage.

I think Laurell needs a handbook at this stage so she can tell the characters apart. Can you imagine the poor artists?

Artist #1: Um, okay. The guy is hot and has long hair, so it's… Nathaniel?
Artist #2: No, that's Jean-Claude. He has black hair. Nathaniel has… *checks notes* mahogany hair.
Artist #1: *writing* Nathaniel = brown hair. Gotcha.
Artist #2. Not brown. Mahogany. And his eyes are lilac.
Artist #1: Riiiiiiiiiight. And the blond guy is?
Artist #2: That's Asher. And it's not blond. It's gold.
Artist #1: Uh-huh. This counts as paid time, right?
Artist #2: Damn well better.
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LKH italics, me normal text.

First editions, second printings, and art work

Comic book news: The 20th of this month, like Wednesday, tomorrow of this week is the second printing of issue #2. If you want it, I suggest speed to your local shop and snatch it up. If this printing goes as fast as last printing, well, if you want it you need not to hesitate. It's fantastic that the comic is selling so well, but I understand that some of you guys are frustrated trying to get the issues. Sorry about that.

She wants people to speed there? Is she going to pay the speeding tickets of those who actually did this?

The 27th of this month, Wednesday, next week, is issue #3. Again, if you want a copy, then get it fast. I'm left in the odd position of apologizing for the success of a project. Sorry, the comics are selling so well that some of you are having trouble getting them.

the following is a final color version of one of the pages in Issue #3

The picture is of some guy dressed in what appears to be western 1870s or 1880s gambler style clothes.

She's apologize for the comics selling so well that people can't get them?

Shall I hope that people are getting them and torching them? LOL


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