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I wanted to post some of my headcanon (some of which I think I've posted in the past, but most of it I haven't posted here before) and it breaks a big headcanon rule: It contradicts canon. Headcanon is not supposed to do that. It's supposed to be stuff never stated in canon (hence why it's something your own head came up with) but that wouldn't contradict it if it was. For instance, it's never stated in HP canon that Sirus Black an Remus Lupin were in love, but it was never stated they weren't and there weren't reasons they couldn't be, so it's a headcanon a lot of people have. However, when it comes to the very special case that is the AB series, canon is, in my opinion, basically pick-and-choose for the reader after Narcissus in Chains, because that is where shit starts getting ridiculous. Hence why some of my statements aren't about headcanon so much as whether I do or don't accept a certain part of the post-NiC canon.

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I was thinking about this last night because some friends who were Lost fans got into a debate after doing a marathon. Some of them ranted that the writing went bad after season three and felt cheated by the ending while the others defended the show with diehard loyalty.
The divide in the fans reminded me of the split between Anita followers and the us, especially since the loyal Lost fans accused the disillusioned ones of being "close-minded" for not accepting the mediocre explanations the writers came up with for the island's mysteries. much like we're accused of being narrow minded for not accepting Anita's sexuality.

My question is: What would be the all time perfect Finale Book to the Anita Series that you feel would redeem the entire journey of the series for you?

For me it would be that Anita snaps/gets a hold of herself and realizes her harem is out of control and their powers are a threat to humanity so she kills them off to get her old self back.
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Apparently LKH spells it ANITA. On another forum that I run the subject of anti-heroes came up because someone was trying to validate some of Anita's behavior...

"I think part of the issue is that Anita Blake is sort of caught in the same problem that has caught characters like Wonder Woman and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Basically, Anita Blake has become a role model due to the comparatively small number of female heroes in fiction. She's required to stand for all women everywhere and be an empowered figure. The problem is that Anita Blake is a noir heroine, much like the characters in Philip Marlowe and the problem with those is that they are not role models. They are anti-heroes, which means they are divorced of heroic qualities or possessed of staggering personal flaws."

"Anita Blake is a woman possessed of the ability to kill without hesitation and the willingness to be as hard as necessary to get the job done. Her prevailing quality is her ruthlessness and willingness to do anything to succeed in the pursuit of her goal, which is to protect her loved ones. Hilariously, this means that in other fiction Anita would be on the path to darkness. Anakin Skywalker's fatal flaw is what Anita Blake has in spades. I think part of the problem is that LKH tends to act as if Anita's consistent ruthlessness is somehow the best answer. When, in fact, in history it is quite the opposite and usually leads to more problems than it solves."

Now I gave up on this series a long time ago, but when I read this I felt like maybe it wasn't too far off...the one flaw in this rational is that I do not believe LKH ever planned it this way. I honestly feel that this is only a possible explanation of the downward spiral of this series because a fan could not accept that someone would accidentally write a character so hopelessly flawed. So what do people think...anti-hero or mary sue with a really dark side?
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Long time lurker, first time poster.

I had an amazing idea whilst showering yesterday, thinking about all of the questions that LKH has raised with her (*ahem*) glaringly inconsistent "art."

In this post, I propose that we collect previously asked questions and pile them into a compilation. The questions about her true motivations, her plot lines and of course the friends in her head. (I wonder if Anita or Merry will write us back instead?) Maybe we should also include the plot re-writes and twists that have been ingeniously proposed by our amazing members.

Also, please think of any other questions that you want to ask. Anything, as long as it's well written, i.e. not childish or overly sarcastic, etc; we need credibility to up our chances of getting an answer. If you have a burning question, now is the time.

This list will eventually, via whomever has the best ideas for contacting her, be sent to her. Will she read it? Maybe. Hopefully. I was hoping to compose a short letter begging her to explain herself clearly, and in detail. Maybe outline how we are a huge group of her fanbase? Whatever the case, I was thinking of sending it through multiple mediums, so the chances of her reading/responding is upped (as you know she loves procrastination letting her muse take a break, this should be the perfect excuse.)

If you don't think this is a good idea, sorry, just let me know and we'll change the topic to "how are you doing today?"
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I don't know if this has already been asked in the community so I apologize if I am being repetitive but I was wondering if anyone knows around what book LKH became so popular and gained the legions of new fans? I'm guessing most of the original readers lost interest and the die hard fans are all newer readers. Also better writers seem to have a harder time making sales and maintaining their popularity so how does she do it despite all the unhappy readers? Is it all thanks to her publicity team and her constant book touring? I'm curious about your opinions.
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(I don't know what to call this other than a theory; that sort of implies there's actually belief on my part that Hamilton is smart enough to have come up with this, which there really isn't. ¬_¬)

I had the thought while viciously fighting with my sewing machine, earlier. The whole reason Anita has become a promiscuous monster? Raina is taking over and doing it on the sly.

It makes sense, if you think about some of the facts. Anita has always said (over and over. And over. And over and over.) that she's not that beautiful. So why do all these men suddenly think Anita is beautiful and perfect? Raina is using the lycanthropy to mutate Anita's bone structure in tiny increments. She's molding Anita to be more beautiful (maybe even to more resemble herself), to attract more men and thus more power. Hell, maybe she alters Anita's face with each man she sleeps with, making each see her as his ideal of beauty in those intimate (lol intimate) moments.

I can see two reasons that Anita just thinks she still looks the same:
1. Raina is just that good. She's changing the structure of Anita's face so subtly that Anita and her men don't even notice.
2. Anita can't tell because Raina's not letting her see it, and she's got everyone around Anita so enthralled to her that they can't tell, either.

Hell, maybe Mommy Darkess (whatever; I'm too lazy to look up the supposed lady big bad's name) and Belle Morte's psychic visits are just Raina distracting Anita while she does some psychic redecorating, prettying the place up for herself. She sees the power Anita has, and the power that can be acquired by having that power, and she wants it.

I would love for Anita to 'wake up' one day and realize she's not in control of her own body. Suddenly, she's watching things happen to her and watching herself say things, but it's not her. She's been asleep for years and can only barely remember what's been happening, yet there's a whole, horrifying history built up involving her. She's no longer the chaste, ethical vampire executioner who fights for zombie rights and enjoys a bit of rebellion in silly coffee mugs. She's an amoral, power-hungry lycanthrope queen whose plan in life is to slowly bend everyone around her to her will.

I even considered tweeting LKH and telling her, "I figure out your big plot twist! Anita's become promiscuous and monstrous because Raina's taken over, right? Brilliant!"
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I've been considering this for a while and last night at work put the nail in the coffin. When it comes to LKH's writing, plot and - specifically - sex, are we just not getting it? Are we too picky?

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Laurell has gone on and on about the new cover art for the Anita series, but it never sunk in that this meant the early books were being repackaged again.   This is the third round of covers for the first eight books.  None of the other series I have read have gone through so many repackagings.  Are some of the completists out there buying the old books with the new covers?  LKH says the new covers are to get away from the sexualized imagery, but it seems to me that the goal is to get existing fans to shell out even more money for books they already read. 
At least putting these kinds of covers on the old books isn't the kind of false advertising the Blood Noir cover was!
Link to LKH's page with the new covers:
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(Edited for better reading. I really shouldn't do these while sitting in lecture ^^;;)
So, I've been rereading the best books in the ab series (all both of them*) and realized what it is that doesn't sell me on her love of the men. Anita always calls them by their full name, and never by a pet name. Richard isn't Rick. Jean-Claude isn't Jean. etc. Or is anyone, sweetheart, honey so on and so forth.

In other series, and in, like, real life and stuff, Couples who have been together for months or years usually have pet names for each other as well as that certain way they interact. I'm willing to believe that the pet name thing goes out the window when one collects men the way some people do baseball cards ("Sweetie, sweetheart, honey, love...er, pumpkin... uh... paint roller" and so on). I'm a sexology major and one of the things you learn, pretty much on the first day is with familiarity comes nicknames. It's a subconscious way of marking someone as "yours". And anyone who spends any amount of time together intimately will develop their own language. Since both of these are absent, I just have the hardest time believe that Anita loves these guys.

So, now, to lighten the mood, I'm assigning pet names to the men in order of first F**k:
Jean-Claude: My Love
Richard: Sweetie/Sweetheart
Micah: Pumpkin/muffin
Asher: Rolladex
Jason: Baby cakes
Nathanial:.... Paint roller
Damian: Snackikins
Haven: Cookie (<-- Probably the only one she actually gave anyone)
Requiem: Eesey domine**
Wicked: Shoulder bag
Truth: Coffee table

*My two favorites in the series are books 7 and 8
**It's a probably misspelled Monty Pythonism.

ETA: While what I said is mostly true, there are times when People might not like nicknames or their name doesn't leave much for nicknames. But in, I want to say, about 95% of couples, there is some sort of pet name/nickname applied. Something as simple as "My Gary" counts because of the acknowledgment of "ownership".
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I apologize if this particular thought has already been posted...I have a really really bad memory.
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So, as you guys know (and as some of you probably hate), I've been going through the community from entry one and tagging everything. Obviously, to do this I've actually been reading a lot of the posts, to know what to tag things. I skim a lot, mainly looking for keywords, but the one thing I've noticed is that Hamilton has a finite number of blogs that she pretty much just posts over and over. There have been a few times that I've actually gone through the blog itself and read the entry, convinced that I just got done tagging that same blog flog not ten minutes ago.

I think 99% of her blogs can be summed up under the general topics that follow:
• "Woe, my deadline!"
• "Oh noes! I HAVE to write sex!"
• "Jon and I are awesome and not as goth as you think"
• "I'm fighting with my characters!"
• "I am an awesome writer cuz I let my characters run freeeee!"
• "I am a tortured artiste, and/or I know everything ever! Let me teach you all about it."
Topics made more ridiculous for humour's sake.

It's a pretty rare blog that doesn't fall under one of those loosely defined categories. It got me thinking about her books and the repetitive themes that they all follow, at this point. We pretty much all know she hasn't actually written a "new" book in awhile. Every book past Obsidian Butterfly could probably be summed up with extremely similar wording. Anita has to save the day; sex happens; her men angst; everything is fixed with sex-fu!

Speaking of sex, could anyone pick what sex scene is from what book, if you were to take out the men's names? Hell, leave them in and I'll bet you still couldn't tell.

The sad thing is, I don't think that Hamilton has any idea that her writing- every bit of it- has become a game of copy/paste. I think that a smart programmer could take her e-books and then write a program around them and make the computer write Hamilton's next "masterpiece." No one, not even the hardcore fangirls, would know. Hell, said programmer could probably add a blogging engine into that program and no one would even know that Hamilton had stopped.

Actually, maybe that's just what's happened! Jon is secretly an evil genius, and all his html/spelling/fashion mistakes are just designed to throw us off! He and Hamilton have moved to Guam, and they only show up to tours, spending the rest of their time getting paid to do nothing, while a poor, overworked program spits out all her blogs and books! She tweets a few times a day, but that's the extent of it, and I'm sure she's even got a document full of pre-written tweets that she just- ha ha!- copy/pastes when she needs to look busy. Evil geniuses, both of them!

Hmm, if only.
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Game time!

So we know there's some kind of Anita movie/TV deal in the works (see here), and every Great Movie must have with it a Great Soundtrack.

So what do you guys think should be on Anita Blake: The Soundtrack? Is there anything truly Dark or Edgy enough?

My suggestion is Eric Clapton's Before You Accuse Me, but I can't decide if I'm being humorous or not.
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Am combining bits from each, because if I didn't, I'd probably just rant about her dreadful use of punctuation. LKH in bold; I'm plain.

Halloween: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2007/11/halloween.html
Decompression: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2007/11/decompression.html

Halloween )

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apparently lkh's current work is all a product of


the curse of the ninth. obsidian butterfly = 9th book, all books after it = utter shite

instead of lkh dying after her ninth work all works afterwords proceeded to die instead

problem. solved.

not gary leaving. not the lack of editors. not even jonboi.

lkh was cursed from the very moment she started writing obsidian butterfly.

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Okay, so I'm quite new to this wonderful world of Anita Blake. I started reading this community before I read any of her books (I believe they were recommended to me by Amazon and I arrived here thanks to a link in one of the comments or so. And never left.), but this has lead to me reading all the LKH books that are available in Estonia (both of them).

However, I realised I had seen the future of Anita Blake in 1991, two years before the series started. How can this be, you might ask. I'm glad you did. Let me show you.

This is the music video for 'Crucified' by the Swedish pop group Army of Lovers. )
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Hi, I'm new here. ;) Please don't toast me.

Anyway, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows why the Anita Blake series crashed and burned so dramatically. I've seen basically two types of series crumbling: the slow, steady variety (Anne Rice, Patricia Cornwell), and the kind where the author keeps things interesting for maybe two books, then suddenly crashes down into tedium (Robert Jordan).

But I have NEVER, EVER seen an author continue more or less steadily, with some improvement, and then very dramatically change the entire GENRE of the storyline while crashing artistically. The authors I mentioned always more or less maintain their own style; even when they deteriorate, they are remaining within the original parameters of their series. But LKH didn't just descend into tedium or bad writing, she threw out the very bones of the series.

Did she have some sort of midlife crisis, or a mental illness, or something of the sort? Does anyone know why she changed everything but the character names?

(By the by, a little "hi" and wave to anyone who posts over at the LKH Harlequin board on amazon! Snark forever, luvvies!).
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Hello! I'm a newbie--found the comm through the Amazon discussion threads and Google.

Speaking of Amazon... I've been going through my recommendations and something hit me: there are an awful lot of vampire, shapeshifter, fae, whatever books out right now. I don't just mean the paranormal romances, but adventure stories, too.

"How does she stay published/how can they publish this crap?" (especially in light of the recent Harlequin spoiler) is a frequent lament here. It occured to me, just looking over the recommendations here, LKH going bad was perhaps a gift to publishers. People drawn in to 'vintage' Anita Blake and unhappy with the current books have gone looking for something better, but in the same genre. There is demand... and there are sales. Lots of sales.

So it's kind of a 'no press is bad press' thing, but it's in favor of the publishers, not LKH. They let her churn out her sexploitation dreck, and the number of disappointed readers grow, they look for other authors, other titles, other series-length stories. Then the publishers smile and produce several books with, "If you liked the early Anita Blake..."

Her sales drop, but they make up for it by selling other books, books that become more popular as more disgruntled fans say, "Hey, I know you liked the Anita Blake stuff when it was good. Try this!"

The savvy marketing isn't LKH's doing. It's the publishers. She didn't create the genre, but the decay of her storytelling ability created a market.
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I've been thinking a bit about LKH lately (mostly because I'm looking fora MUX or two to play in, and ran across some Anita Blake ones). I think she had a fantastic setting--it was modern without shooting into the future, it was realistic and intelligently formed, with realistic bias and prejudice. Where did that go? When did it go away?

I think LKH got to the point that she felt people knew enough about her universe, Anita's world, to not need the constant setting material, and then flung us into Anita's sex life. By doing that, I think she forgot a lot of the things she developed and where she went with it, and it's been disappointing.

What are your thoughts on it? Do you like the world, minus Anita's sex life?

Wank Week!

Apr. 30th, 2007 02:47 pm
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I do love a good bit of drama, and right now, for those who haven't seen it, [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes has turned into a forum for LKH bashing.

After the quote went up for something said here the other day, there have been more LKH related posts; at least two, and the response far more anti-LKH than with some of the posters to the original meta!

Here is a link to the most recent for those who may not have already caught it.

We Are Not Alone!

Yet more proof that we of the "Vocal Minority" are not such a minority after all.

In other, rather unrelated news, I've still not bought the most recent LKH debacles, and still refuse to do so. I have, however, read both Jim Butcher and Kim Harrison's latest, and without posting spoilers, will simply say that they were both quite awesome, with Harrison in particular getting kudos for having the balls to do something that LKH does not.

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I found this link to a LKH group on Yahoo. I think I saw it here. But I'm not sure/ can't remember.

What I want to talk about is how, as I joined the group and flipped through comments about Minstral's Kiss I realized something. LKH is writing for people like her. People who are truly shy, despite their seeming bravado, about sex. People who don't explore and leave it all to the world of fantasy.

There was someone there who liked the scene with whichever one it was who was having sex for the first time in MK. They liked how 'rough he got'.

It hit me right then that the people who buy these books, don't know how to get good porn. They don't buy it. They don't even seem to search the net for stuff that's written much better and much hotter. LKH is a 'legitimate' source of perving for them.

My theory continued... )


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