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In addition to the supernatural humanoids of the Anitaverse, there are also a few supernatural fauna, which, to my memory, consists of trolls, gargoyles, and dragons. Though LKH has long forgotten them from what I can tell, I always really liked the idea that what were mythical monsters in our world were just regular animals in this one, and I always wanted more focus on them...which of course never happened.

I think there could very easily be lots of other creatures from legend and folklore that could fit easily into the Anitaverse. Trolls, gargoyles, and dragons are all fantasy staples, and so I think that other fantasy staples like griffins and manticores would mesh well enough with that setup. Unicorns fall into the same camp, but I really, really want to keep unicorns out of the Anitaverse. They're my favorite legendary creature, which normally makes me want them everywhere, but in this case them being my favorite makes me want to protect them from this disgusting mess. I once read a short story by LKH about sea serpents as animals in the modern-day real world, and I think her portrayal of them in that would fit well with the Anitaverse. It even had the “they’re totally sweet gentle creatures but ignorant people misunderstand them and think they’re dangerous except our awesome heroine who is an expert on them!” thing going on.

At first I figured that part-humans like centaurs and sphinxes wouldn't fit in, since we haven't seen any creature like that. The closest we get to a half-and-half is the therians in hybrid form, but that's a blending, not one half being something and the other being something else. But then I remembered that we DO have half-and-half creatures: naga, merfolk, and lamia in this series all have a human form but can shift into their true form as well. Centaurs, sphinxes, etc., could be like that. Of course, lamia and merfolk and naga also all fall under the 'sentient humanoid' category like fae and vampires, and this discussion is about animals...but is there any guarantee that shifting into a human form automatically means having a human mind? An animal being able to take a human form but still having an animal mind (like the reverse of how shifters have a human mind in animal form) would be a really cool concept, I think (kind of like the henge-yokai of Japan). Though I *hate* to think of what LKH would do with the idea of centaurs and satyrs.

Rawhead & Bloody Bones was referred to as a type of fey called “a nursery boggle” and since he was called a boggle, not the boggle, I think it’s safe to assume that there are more of them. In my head canon, each boggle is something from British Isle folklore that is similar to spirit to Rawhead, such as Jenny Greenteeth and Black Annis. "Boggle" isn't a race, just the name to refer to individual, unique monstrous fey that are, like Rawhead, true immortals, each the only one of their kind. If I recall right, Rawhead was depicted as a sentient creature too like the other fey, so that’s going off-topic again, but I do think that other fairy creatures from legend and mythology could well be real animals in the Anitaverse, such as the barghest and other spectral hounds, the kelpie and other water horses, the pooka, etc. I expect they mostly all stay in their native lands though, unless imported to zoos overseas and the like. I could definitely see people crossbreeding barghests with domestic dogs for more ferocious hunting, fighting, and guard dogs (my vampire Ruthven does that) and people bringing those dogs with them to America could be used as an explanation for why black dog stories exist in the American South in such abundance (the reason in our universe is, of course, that the South was mainly settled by people of Scotch-Irish descent).

In fact, I think that in the folklore of any given place, there’s probably something, a whole lot of somethings, that could be made into a real animal in the Anitaverse like trolls and dragons. The Phillippines has ekeks, which are huge black humanoid-shaped birds that attack and eat people. Latin America has the ahuizotl, which looks like a black hairless dog and has a long tail with a hand at the end it uses to grab people and drown them, the cadejo that could be cousin to the British Isles black dogs, and, of course, the chupacabra. I could go on and on.

I'll probably make a post about how I think each of these would work in the Anitverse and what they would be like in comparison to our legends of them, but in the meantime, what are some things that YOU think would fit in well as supernatural fauna, with or without adjustments to their original lore?
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What I love about the AB fey is we really don't even know what they look like. The Bouviers were heavily human-blooded, Xavier was an albino rotting vamp, and Raw Head was a nursery boggle aka a monster. We don't ever get a look at what a straight fey is.

WHICH MEANS WE CAN MAKE IT UP! I mean, sure, I guess we could say that they’re the MG fey, but where’s the fun in that? Coming up with what would be in this universe is way more fun, in my opinion, than just transplanting something from another universe into it.

I imagine they look human enough that it's believable they can interbreed and that some people of both races might want to, but beyond that I want them to be very...eerie. maybe not ugly, but not pretty, just this very very creepy Other that can't be classed strictly as either.

There’s a lot of folklore in our world about the horrible things that fey and their ilk do to humans, and I like to think that it would be true to some degree in the Anitaverse, which we know isn’t shy (or didn’t used to be) about really dark, grim, gory, nasty stuff. That would be a pretty good reason for people to be averse to fey; a friend with a better memory for AB canon than I says that humans tend to be hostile to the point of murder when it comes to fairies in Anita’s world, but a reason is never given why. I like this reason, because if it’s just ‘well they’re different!’ then it's just too easy to make humans the straw man bad guy bigots and the fey these poor misunderstood victims, and that’s really old-hat in fantasy (not to mention insulting to the badass old fey of folklore). I much more prefer it when there are lot of assholes on BOTH sides, and you can actually see the point of each, which is a quality I think the Anitaverse of late could especially use. Not to mention it raises the question…why do fey do these awful things? Maybe it’s just for fun as is suggested in the legends, but I prefer to think there’s some other reason they have that could be explored more deeply, and make their reasons for doing it more understandable than just being assholes (though I would definitely like them to still be assholes, or at the least very non-human in their psychology and culture--they should not just be humans with pointy ears)

I’d also like to explore questions like these:

- We know that fey can become vampires (though the Council keeps them secret), can they become shifters too?
- Fey are probably too rare in the US to have much of a place in the preternatural community and its politics, but what about in their native homelands? Are there places where fey are major players along with the usual vampires and therians? What are their relationships with them like? Their relationships and opinions of humans?
- Do they, like the vampires, have a group like the Council that they answer to worldwide, or are they like the therians whose chain of authority goes no higher than the group head? Are they solitary? Maybe make use of the idea that fey can be divided into solitary versus trooping types?
- There is mention of Daoine Sidhe in the AB novels, and according to an AB Wiki they are "fairy high court, is composed of some of the most powerful of the fey" and "divided into a seelie court of neutral or good fey and an unseelie court of "bad" fey." What makes them count as good or bad? Whose standards are being used there, human or fey? Does being good or bad refer to the morals of each individual, or is it on a basis of species?
- How many species are there of fey? We know there are nursery boggles, and we know there are more human-looking ones like Xavier. Are there more? And how are they different beyond just appearances?

Do you have any ideas? Headcanons? What would YOU design the AB fey to be like? Looks, powers, where they live, whatever comes to your mind, I want to know!
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Does anyone else get the feeling that after the first book, LKH got a lot of feedback from people pointing out that triple-ringed eyes aren't that uncommon in humans*?

Looking back, it seems that she got more and more inventive with eyecolor (multipetaled flowers, the gold/copper/lapis lightning-shot of Maeve) as the series went on. Hair color as well, although less so as unnatural haircolor was established from the beginning.

*Both I and my husband have multiringed irises--I have hazel eyes with an asterisk-shaped ring of brown near the pupil, green outside that and a thin outer ring of VERY dark green. He has brown near the pupil with a wide outer ring of misty grey. Alas, my hair is just brown and his is greying brown. :( LOL
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Ok, so, no need to point out how the ladies of the Anitaverse get the short stick in so many ways. However, there are some that we love and are rooting for no matter how much their creator wants us to dislike them. Who are your favorites, and why? Feel free to include characters from the Merry Gentry series as well!
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I made a promise to myself that I should try to post more news to the comm when I come across it rather than hoard it on my journal.  I've been following Darla's progress on the internets since she left Team LKH. She's written a book called "Working for Miriam" and shared some parts (sorry, she wrote some "antedotes"), but unfortunately could not find an agent to pick it up. So she turned her energy to writing a scifi/fantasy novel, but hasn't mentioned anything about that for a while.  But the latest is that she's going to publish her Anitapedia on Lulu.
And lets hear it for those that love us! Me particularly.  LOL!  I am not going to burn the Anitapedia now. Someone I know pointed out, that lots of hard work went in to that so why not self publish since I have been waiting almost nine years.  So I will.
I cannot put into words just how much I want this. Purely for science! And possibly FOR GREAT JUSTICE! Or at the very least Great Irony.

In other news, LKH has the first chapter of Divine Misdemeanours for download as a PDF on her website. Or, as LKH announced, "Divine Misdemeanors, who’s first chapter is up on our website." -- the book is a who now.  And she wasn't lying when she said she got it straight from the publisher, because it's still in its raw formatting stage.  Thankfully, those spelling errors that were in the first few paragraphs that she posted have been corrected.  Well, "eucalyptus" is still a pronoun, but now Merry works for Grey Detective Agency: Supernatural Problems; Magical Solutions.

If Horatio were on this case, he'd have punned, donned the glasses, and we'd all be rocking to The Who right now. )


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