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I wanted to post some of my headcanon (some of which I think I've posted in the past, but most of it I haven't posted here before) and it breaks a big headcanon rule: It contradicts canon. Headcanon is not supposed to do that. It's supposed to be stuff never stated in canon (hence why it's something your own head came up with) but that wouldn't contradict it if it was. For instance, it's never stated in HP canon that Sirus Black an Remus Lupin were in love, but it was never stated they weren't and there weren't reasons they couldn't be, so it's a headcanon a lot of people have. However, when it comes to the very special case that is the AB series, canon is, in my opinion, basically pick-and-choose for the reader after Narcissus in Chains, because that is where shit starts getting ridiculous. Hence why some of my statements aren't about headcanon so much as whether I do or don't accept a certain part of the post-NiC canon.

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One consistent criticism of Nikolaos that I've encountered both here and elsewhere is that she's a rip-off of Claudia. Now, I'm always willing to tear into LKH's work when it's deserved (and it is deserved a LOT), but in this case, I just don't see it.

Claudia resents her condition, and only plays up the 'cute child' image when she needs to, such as for luring in prey. Nikolaos never shown to be bothered by being an eternal kid, and she plays it up at whim versus for survival, suggesting she might just like playing it up it in general, which would suggest she doesn't resent it at all. Claudia's goal is simply to be able to grow up, but Nikolaos is a ruler over vampires and wererats whose goal is to maintain her rule and gain power, and that suggests very different mindsets to me. I don't feel that Anne Rice owns the 'child vampire' concept even if she was first to do it, not anymore than Polidori owns 'vampire as a suave, foreign, and possibly bisexual aristocrat' just because he was the first to do that. Yes, even if the vampire is a blonde blue-eyed girl both times in the former case.

I didn't see or read Interview before I read GP, and I wonder if some of the folks who did just got Claudia fixed in their minds as The One True Child Vampire (and I can see why, I love her!) and so end up just comparing all others, especially little girl ones, to her. If they come off as similar, they're a ripoff. If they come off as dissimilar, they're a bad ripoff. Not that this is the case for everyone who thinks she's just a bad Claudia clone (since that would be really dismissive and insulting towards other opinions) but I wonder if that might not be the case for some at least, as I've seen a few who just immediately decided she was a Claudia-clone the second she appeared on the page and then complained about how she was a 'bad' one because she had none of Claudia's traits...so it just seems odd to me to call her a copy but then complain because she's not a copy?

What do you think? Was LKH copying? Or did she just take the basic idea (little girl vampire) but then steer it entirely different direction so they're 'the same' only as as physical appearance goes? Or was it just a big coincidence? My bet is second option, personally, especially since she's said she herself read Interview, but I'm open to any other opinions of course!

As a note, I feel the same on Valentina--she may be closer to Claudia's age, but the circumstances of her turning were completely different, she chooses and prefers to be treated as a child, and she is needlessly cruel to her victims when they have done nothing to her, whereas Claudia only harmed Lestat because she blamed him for her condition and wanted for her and Louis to be able to escape living with him, if I recall right. Valentina also wants peers, and I don't remember Claudia having the same desire. Like Nikolaos and Claudia, Valentina and Claudia both seem to have very different psyches, with only the packaging looking similar, at least as far as my interpretation goes (though, as always, definitely interested in hearing other thoughts!)
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Ok, so, no need to point out how the ladies of the Anitaverse get the short stick in so many ways. However, there are some that we love and are rooting for no matter how much their creator wants us to dislike them. Who are your favorites, and why? Feel free to include characters from the Merry Gentry series as well!
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You know what it's like. Every so often you read this community, sigh wistfully, and wonder what went wrong with such a promising world. (World, -not- character). Then you decide it's too damn many things to list, it goes by he name 'Anita', and go and console yourself with an author who knows what a copy-editor is for, and doesn't think that abuse and thoroughly uninteresting sex = characterisation. Most of my gripes have been dissected and snarked at here by far better than me, but what can I say? Warning: Lengthy rant ahead!

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