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You know that weird clear fluid goop that comes out the shapeshifters when they change? Haven't we all wondered about that? A friend of mine was just reading the AB wiki and he came across this part....

"The bones shift under the skin and after that step a clear and hot fluid comes out of the body and the person is transformed. The body of the person is always dry and clean afterwards, however objects and other people will not be if they are in close proximity. And if not an alpha then s/he will be tired afterward."

...and he said to me "I finally get it. It's a sex metaphor."

MYSTERY SOLVED although now I kinda wish we'd never figured it out.
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I wanted to post some of my headcanon (some of which I think I've posted in the past, but most of it I haven't posted here before) and it breaks a big headcanon rule: It contradicts canon. Headcanon is not supposed to do that. It's supposed to be stuff never stated in canon (hence why it's something your own head came up with) but that wouldn't contradict it if it was. For instance, it's never stated in HP canon that Sirus Black an Remus Lupin were in love, but it was never stated they weren't and there weren't reasons they couldn't be, so it's a headcanon a lot of people have. However, when it comes to the very special case that is the AB series, canon is, in my opinion, basically pick-and-choose for the reader after Narcissus in Chains, because that is where shit starts getting ridiculous. Hence why some of my statements aren't about headcanon so much as whether I do or don't accept a certain part of the post-NiC canon.

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What makes a witch a witch in the Anitverse? Are they born with it, or can someone become one, or is it a combination?

Some AB witches are Wiccan. They're mostly the "good" ones, like Marianne and Phoebe Billings. Bad ones tend to be Voodoo practitioners like Dominga and John Burke, and then there are more bad ones shown to just practice non-religious systems such as demonic sorcery, pre-Islamic Persian magic, or just an unspecified type of witchcraft such as Elvira Drew, Linus Bech, and Todd Bering

Let's start with how Wicca, Voodoo, and other real-world faiths probably differ in the Anitaverse from their real-world counterparts, because they pretty much have to, the way it's set up. In Anita's world, magic and witches are objectively real. They are facts, they are not beliefs, and everyone knows this. Whether someone is or isn't a witch is something that can be easily determined, something that can be proved or disproved. It's not a debatable thing. So the number of people practicing this version of Wicca is likely to be much fewer than it is in our world, because people couldn't just decide 'oh, I really like the Morrigan/Baron Samedi/etc, s/he's cool, I think I wanna embrace the Goddess/Loa' and sign up with a coven/hounfour/etc. and be accepted. That's pretty clearly not how it works in the Anitaverse. Wiccan covens are made up of indisputable witches in this universe, and I expect that Voodoo hounfour are as well, so you'd have to be real witch to get in.

Or do you? Maybe the idea is you go in as a mundane, but, if you train and are lucky, come out as a witch.
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Oct. 11th, 2012 11:47 am
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I know, I know, I post here too much. I made myself promise that I'd wait for someone else to post here before I put this up. It's just I love this world and have so many thoughts about it and I love having a bunch of people who can talk back to me about it. Anyway, there's no one topic to this post, rather a bunch of un-related thoughts that I'd like opinions on, since everyone here usually has good/interesting thoughts.

Also, I've been sporking Skin Trade for some friends...if I were to get a public blog of some type for said sporkings, would anyone here be interested in following?
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Just for any general headcanon/fan theories you might have concerning the AB or Merry series!

- Belle Morte uses glamor so that no matter what the current time is, she appears to the eyes of others as being the epitome of the current beauty standards. And the reason that Anita sees her as looking notably like Anita is because to Anita, for all her whining about oh noes tall skinny blondes, does indeed consider herself to be the height of female beauty.

- Raina is still around in Anita's head as a munin, and it is her slow, subtle corruption that has made Anita into what she now is

- Or this all just Anita's most ID-level fantasies that she believes are really happening, but actually aren't. It's just Jean-Claude manipulating her mind so he can use her as a pawn.

-Or it's an ongoing delusion due to Anita having contracted some supernatural STD (hey, even just regular syphilis can make you crazy!) and JC is still manipulating it to his ends, in any case, if she isn't in a mental hospital.

- Anne Rice books and the Twilight series and other supernatural-themed books either were never written in the ABverse, or, if they were, do not enjoy at all the same popularity because of the existence of real vampires cutting into the fantasy on a number of levels.

-MELANIE IS STILL FUCKING WAITING AND PLANNING AND GOING TO GET YOU, ANITA. She swore, and immortals probably don't feel a need to get their vengeance fast.

- There is another group of werehyenas in St. Louis, made up of all the females that Narcissus wouldn't let join. Except that's not actually how it happened. He didn't kick them out, they kicked HIM out because he kept stealing their shampoo and high heels.

- While both the tigers and the hyenas are matriarchies, they are matriarchies in very different ways. My headcanon for why tigers are female-ruled is that since they are so rare and so focused on preserving their species, their women became regarded nigh-sacred for their ability to give birth and carry on the bloodlines. And of course that is ultimately sexist against women because it's basing their value on their reproductive ability, but I think that it makes sense for weretigers in this universe, and I think that instead of settling for being exploited as brood mares, the tiger ladies instead decided to grab hold of this idea and use it to their advantage, ultimately resulting in a society where "well, us women are responsible for continuing the species, so it makes sense to have us responsible for the species as a whole, which meanings ruling and making decisions and Mother Knows Best" and probably a lot of emphasis on fertility and creation as power, as women as a life-source, women as the only sex strong enough to have a baby, etc.

But in the case of hyenas, I think it's more instinctual. In the wild, hyenas (as in the actual animal) are female-dominated naturally. Even a male who is larger than a female will usually submit to her without a fight. Since hyenas don't have one mass culture with a history of traditions like tigers do, nor a problem with rareness, I think that every time a new hyena group organizes they just naturally find themselves with the dominant women being in charge by what seems by chance but is in fact their inner instincts, whether they realize it or not, manipulating things in that way. I think that some groups would have no particular views on matriarchy and would instead just accept it, while others would instead take a more Amazonian point of view, emphasizing the strength and power of female hyenas in combat as why they are suited to be in charge of the group, protecting them from threats and leading them in battles, with probably nothing much to say (unlike the tigers) about birth-giving, since it's not going to be an important deal to them as it is with the tigers.
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Ok, so, no need to point out how the ladies of the Anitaverse get the short stick in so many ways. However, there are some that we love and are rooting for no matter how much their creator wants us to dislike them. Who are your favorites, and why? Feel free to include characters from the Merry Gentry series as well!
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I know I'm still new here, so let me know if I'm putting up too much stuff at once, but there was another point I wanted to make after my initial post last week.  After a couple of years of stewing about this author it's cathartic to finally have a place to post these things.  My bone to pick du jour is about the animal groups residing in the Lou.  While you could probably go on ad infinitum about how there are now far too many, my main concern is how they advance the plot (if at all).  
      The wererats, though underutilized now, fill a great niche in intelligence gathering and mercenary work.  The wolves work because how are you going to have vampires and not werewolves? After this, the relevance of the groups begins to dissolve.  It seems more and more (see a recent blog entry where she discusses cougars, I don't remember which) that LKH gets a passing interest in an animal and in the next installment Anita is boffing that particular beast and we're stuck with it forever mucking up the Anitaverse continuity.  To some extent the problem is just the same as it is in the rest of her writing in that she allows everything to become bloated and never thins the herd as it were, but that doesn't make it any more irritating.  I mentioned the werehyenas in my last post.  Where are they? They show up, posture, disappear again.  Their alpha NEVER shows up.  How many other groups are like that? This particularly gets under my skin because I considered the hyenas to be a really interesting idea until nothing came of them.
     The most persistent and blatant offenders however, are the wereleopards.  How can of the world's deadliest big cats become so flaccid and stupid in one woman's hands? Without exception (besides Merle and some new guy) they are sniveling children who can't move until Anita tells them to.  They do nothing to advance the plot (Nathaniel and Micah, in my opinion, are literally the worst characters created in modern fiction), and accomplish nothing in the narrative other than making you feel like you could probably beat up a wereleopard.  I know Gabriel was a pretty horrendous guy, but he was scary as hell, too.  I think LKH needs to drastically reduce the amount of shifters in her stories, or at least the ones that come onto centerstage, and focus on building those characters into something respectable.  Pathos is a wonderful thing, but at the end of the day these ARE supposed to be monsters, aren't they?

Anyways, i was basically wondering what everyone else here thought about the various lycanthropy groups (leopards in particular) , which ones could YOU do without? What do you want to see more of?
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I was thinking about how lycanthropy is viewed in the Anitaverse and how it basically makes no sense. Yes, lycanthropy is a disease, but it's not like cancer or HIV, where it damages your body. It does the opposite, in fact, and I think most people would dig this. There would be the religious nutbags who are convinced it's a sin against God and want to stop it no matter what. However, I think that anyone under 25 would be all over it.

I really think lycanthropy would be viewed a lot like tattoos: everyone would want it because it would make them individuals, but suddenly everyone and their brother's been under the needle, and no one's really all that unique. I think that, as usual, Hamilton is missing out on a really great plot opportunity.

Think about it- teenagers find ways to get into all sorts of shenanigans. Instead of parties where kids are passing around booze and drugs, there would be gatherings of kids passing around contaminated needles and trying to get infected with lycanthropy because they want to feel powerful and special. Pretty soon, you've got an overabundance of teenage lycanthropes who are ruled by not only teenage hormones, but also the epic, bloodthirsty crazy that drives newly-changed furrballs.

If this is something that had started, say, five years ago, you've now got a very large group of 20-somethings with lycanthropy and no ties to any specific group. They would be the next generation, so to speak, who realize that banding together in clans and pretending you have loyalty to some pack leader makes no sense. They're not animals, dammit. They're smarter than their animal counterparts. They don't need to practice ridiculous rituals and they aren't like vampires, who can be tied to and controlled by a master.

Vampires in the Anitaverse, I think, are the lesser of two evils. Sure, they live forever, but they have some really major weaknesses that can really only be filled by humans and other lycanthropes. Lycanthropes don't roast in the sun, they don't need protection during the day and, by the way it's described, they need a lot less time and effort to reproduce. If a huge group of determined lycanthropes were to come after nests of vampires, there wouldn't really be much that could be done about it. They have the benefit of looking human. They could get into the circus, for instance, during the day just by pretending to be Avon and then killing all the humans around, staking the vampires, or dragging them out into the sun and taking care of them that way.

Sure, they would have to fight other lycanthropes that may be tied to the vampires, but picture a group of lycanthropes that have come together like The Initiative in Buffy. They do their reconnaissance, come into group pretending to follow the rituals. Then, when they know patterns, names and outside occupations, they take them down one by one.

Suddenly the vampires have no protection. They're sitting ducks and, when they go to sleep that day, the new lycanthrope Initiative can bust in and had a bonfire.

I'd really like to see Anita wake up one day to a smoldering pile of ashes in bed next to her, with six toothy lycanthropes standing around her, grinning.

"What are you? You don't smell exactly human!"

With Richard, Micah, Nathanial, Jason, the werepartridge in a pear tree and whoever the hell else she's sleeping with all shot from range by high-powered rifles and silver bullets, and JC, Asher and all the other vampires burnt to a crisp, it would just be Anita and these well-organized, young, strong lycanthropes. The marks would be gone, and her local support would be out. They'd not undead, so she has no power over them. Suddenly Anita is forced to play by their rules or pack up her sex toys and go home.

It's just another sad example of LKH squandering her opportunities.
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Okay Lashers I have been inspired to share something with y ou all today. I am officially burned out on books that include love triangles. They just seem to be every author's fave sourse of tension, angst and most of the story plot these days.  I blame Laurell for this trend that is showing up in every second book i come across, and i am raging and crying on the inside cos this phenomeon has made it across the border from the assorted romance genres into fantasy!! Fantasy is not about a love triangle. As far as I can tell when i remember reading books that pre-dated the Anita series i dont recall that many love triangles showing up in books (do correct me if im wrong here). But the Anita books seemed to have started this trend to have a love triangle with a typically Mary Sue type girly in the middle and a werewolf on one side and a vampire on the other?? If anybody remembers this happening before the Anita books let me know!

I am quite tired of this plot device of using a vampire and a werewolf competing for a Mary Sue. Does anybody notice the girl will always pick the vampire over the werewolf in these situations??? Anybody got any clues for that? Cos i know if it were me I'd be going for the werewolf! In the days when i could stomach these types of books I did push for the girl to go for the werewolf - i just like werewolves and would go for the live guy over the dead one. I mean i was going for Richard from the start as well before he went an batshit crazy! :(.  But does anybody find that this is just everywhere now and like me blame Laurell for setting this trend into action? I do like vampires and werewolves and even a triangle if done properlly but now im just so burned out on all 3 things I'm past it now.
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Back in the Dark Ages of the Anita books - did anybody start reading the books and keep going because of the shapeshifters? I am aware of the theme going in posts so thought I'd add my own ideas here. I am and have always been a huge shapeshifter fan, in particular werewolves so i once read the books for her weres. In particular her wererats were unique, I don't know about anybody else here but I hadn't seen and still haven't seen to this day an author do wererats. Rafael was my fave character and how his pack operated. Did anybody else enjoy the wererats? But like so many of Laurell's good ideas it went down the toilet! :(

Another thing i liked was the characters of Raina and Marcus the original pack alphas (Lunatic Cafe was the best book to me). They were assholes sure and they were nasty but their pack functioned and was semi-healthy. To me werewolves are not meant to be fluffy bunnies so their violence and nastiness was cool to me (although the sex I could have done without - should have been a warning of what was coming!). The pack we now have under Richard is totally useless and redundant. To borrow a quote from Remember the Titans: Attitude reflects leadership. Would anybody else agree to this since the old alphas were scrapped and they got a useless alpha in Richard? I mean has anybody heard of another werewolf besides Jason and Richard lately?

Another thing as I'm in the process of writing my first novel - about werewolves by chance - I am taking note of what other authors do with their shapeshifters. What to you makes a good shapeshifter? What do you think makes a shoddy shapeshifter?  What is irritating about the current take on shapeshifters? One thing I find that urban fantasy has done (and i hope to change with my book) is taken the werewolf and other shifters far away from their roots. I miss having bad guy nasties! Does anybody know of good werewolf novels were the werewolf is still nasty and a bad buy and still wins the day?


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I remember awhile back I was looking through a Latin dictionary, and I chanced upon the word "lupanar." I thought of LKH, and it being the gathering place for werewolves during the full moon in the books.

Get this-it turns out that "lupanar" in Latin translates to brothel.

Now, is this another lack of research on LKH's part?

Maybe she picked it because it sounded cool and wolfish.

I wonder if she knows that the wolves actually gather at a "brothel" every month?

Thought this was hilarious and that I would post it here. ;)

Just something that I remembered.
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Anyone else ever have something along the lines of "Werewolves and were-rats and pards, oh my!" running through their head during an AB book?

A friend of mine reviewed Micah in class the other day. "This book is... um... it's porn. Just porn. I took notes. Seriously, I did not know you could do some of this stuff..."

And then we got into a discussion on what the hell is a were-leopard anyway. Which led into a discussion of the various were-flavors in this book. Were-swans were by far the most amusing. And I got to thinking...

Is anyone else just waiting for the were-penguins to show up? You know Anita will be their Empress Royal Goddess-Incarnate. You know it.

Were-swans and were-penguins are now a running theme among my friends and I'm just wondering when the idea will occur to our Mad Mrs Hamilton.

Oh, and is it just me or is Anita Blake (and to a newer-series-and-therefore-slightly-lesser-extent MG) becoming exactly like a game of pretend Superheroes with a bunch of 7-year-olds?

"I kill you with my laser spell of doom!" "Nuh-uh, cause I have my Shield of Mega Power!" "Well my Mega Doom Blaster goes through EVERY shield!" "But you can't hit me cause I am lightning-fast-person and I can dodge your blaster thing!" "NUH-UH!" "YES-HUH!" "Nuh-uh! Cause now I have my Ultra Poison Dart and it kills anything and I'm shooting you with my ubergun and it was enchanted by a voodoo priestess." "But it won't pierce my Supermegaultra Armor cause it was made by Merlin!" "Will so! My dart's made up superultrahyperiron and the gun was made by the Dragon King...." etc.

Okay, and since I've never posted here and I probably should do some form of introduction: I'm a Merry Gentry fan. I'd be a bigger MG fan if Laurell wasn't so afraid of teh lesbianism, but that's never gonna happen. I like the Unseelie Court and the world and such she made up for Faery. I don't think she's using it as well as she could, but hey, it gives someone else room to improve.

However, I loathe Anita Blake. Go figure. Not the series, I mean the character. Anita gives me a headache. Oddly, I like some of the other characters but not the main one. Merry is also beginning to wear thin as she's starting to become more of an AB v2.0.

Anyone else for banning Laurell from writing more series? She's allowed 2-4 books in each world and that is it. No more.


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