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Link: Happy Yule and Merry Christmas to all!
Dislcaimer: This blog entry is verbatim, as originally posted on LKH's blog. Copyright belongs to Ma Petite Enterprises.

MOD NOTE: It appears that after many, many years, you can now leave comments on LKH's blog again. Please do not go there for the sole purpose of picking fights or being an asshole.

Since most of this entry is what LKH and her family did for Christmas, we've only copied over the book/writing part as the mods feel this is the only part relevant to the comm's interests. You can still read the blog in its entirety by following the above link.

On a happier note, mods hope everyone in the comm has survived the holidays in the best way and had delicious food comas.

Happy Yule and Merry Christmas to all! )


Jun. 5th, 2010 01:06 pm
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This is what's happened this morning: there was some drama, and it's been locked down while we mods have been dealing with it in the background. Originally, we locked the offending comments and froze all threads. Those comments that weren't involved were unfrozen. Warnings have been issued. But ultimately, the post has been removed because it's become less about discussing the book or flogging the material and more about personal attacks and wank fodder. It's this kind of behaviour we just don't want in the comm, and we're sorry we couldn't keep the threads of those members who weren't involved.

Now seems as good a time as any to throw this out there: please read the community FAQs because every member will be held to them. And if in doubt, contact the mods. There's a handy form on the community profile page, and we can get back to you ASAP.  This means that if you have an issue with another member of this community, if you have concerns about a post or particular comment thread, please contact us and we can step in to sort it out. To the people who did contact us about the drama instead of joining in, thankyou, and we hope we moved fast enough to prevent further escalation and disruption to the community.

We don't have the mod icons just because they're pretty, we have them because it's our responsibility to make this community as fun and inclusive as possible. Once we've made a decision, our word is final. If you wish to dispute a decision, you may do so in email and we will try to reach an understanding. There is no need to involve the community, or start drama, and frankly, if you're going to try and pull that kind of move on a mod, there won't be any internets to be won, no fame, or even a mention in the annals of F_W. You may, however, be the proud recipiant of a shiny new banhammering.

We urge people to please check the comm before you post a bookflog. This is to make sure that we don't get fifteen people posting about the same thing at once, especially after a new book release. Just because it may not be on your f-list -- either because you're new to the comm and may have missed the post, or because it's been a while between posts -- doesn't mean it's not there. This isn't to say that only one person can flog or review a book at a time, it's more if someone else is doing daily chapter flogs, there's no point to you doing that too.

As to the plagiarism aspect, we are not going to deny that there were striking similarities between the flogs mentioned. However, the way to go about calling the validity into question was not to start a  fight in a public forum.

And now, both of us mods are going to collapse. We need sleep. Let the regular community shenanigans resume.
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We've been working hard on the Lashouts website, trying to get some decent content up, and one of the pages that we're working on is a list of Hamilton's notable blogs. We want to have a page of some of her doozies so that people know where to go when referencing Hamilton's- er- more eccentric blogs.

Check out the Notable Blogs page (found on the Links page) and let us know what blogs you think should be easily referenced for anyone looking to, say, point out to Troos that Hamilton isn't all that or a bag of chips. If there are any other sites you feel deserve mention on the Links page, or any other content that needs to be added to the site, drop a comment.

We're working on getting some blurbs up there about the mods, and then we'll dive into the 'Team LKH: A Primer' page. Enjoy!
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We finally got around to revising the FAQ! We've tried to be extremely comprehensive and make it very clear what our purpose is and what's acceptable. It looks like a massive, hulking wall o'text, but we think it all needs to be said. Please read it in its entirety and let us know if anything seems ridiculous, unfair, grammatically horrifying or unnecessary. We will review all concerns and decide how to proceed from there. To be honest, sections of the new FAQ are just like the old one, but we have grown as a community and therefore we have adapted the FAQ to the needs of a larger group.

In other news, we're now devoting our time to updating the website, Lashouts.org. It will house the FAQ, contact information for the mods (also located on the profile of the community), primers on Team LKH, and a variety of other things. If there's anything else you think the Lashouts website should have, please let us know!

Read more... )
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We've seen a few posts, lately, centered on flogging Hamilton's twitter posts. The mods have talked a bit about how to handle this and we've decided that, for now, we're going to allow these, but with a few stipulations.

• Each post must have actual content! We don't want to see only a link to the tweet and/or the tweet itself alongside a one-liner from you. If you're bringing the tweet to our attention, you'd better have several lines explaining why we should all care. It shouldn't need saying, but make sure you're not pointing specific tweets out due to their spelling/grammar errors. We all know Hamilton can't spell, and twitter only emphasizes this; avoid ragging on tweets for their grammar issues.

• If the tweet is in context of a Twitter conversation, you must either explain what the conversation was, or put the whole conversation into the post. Truthfully, twitter conversations can be quite difficult to follow, so we're warning you now that you will probably get a lot of flak for this.

• Should the tweet in question fall under the above category, you must make sure that the conversation that you are reposting is not a private one. If one half of the conversation has his or her updates protected, you are not allowed to repost them unless they are your tweets.

• You must link to the tweet itself. If you're getting these from twitter's website, that's not too hard. Click the time stamp on the tweet and use the URL attached to it.

• To cut or not to cut? For now, we're not demanding anything be under a cut; tweets are short, and the conversation they spark is something we're hoping everyone will either be interested in or just have the finger strength to scroll past. If there's an overwhelming clamor to have anything twitter-related cut, though, we'll consider making it a hard and fast rule.
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In our quest for fun content in the community, the mods have decided to put up a little reminder of the challenges we have available for Lashers. If you're looking for something to do, and/or just want to post to get a bunch of comments, feel free to participate in any of these!

Modly Notes:
• Many of the challenges have "deadlines" listed on the original challenge announcement posts. These can be disregarded. We no longer consider challenges to be close-ended, and want to invite anyone interested to participate. These even includes the icon challenge, despite the fact that it was originally put out as a contest to create and vote on an icon for the community.
• Some of the Challenges have rules against posting your entries directly to the community. We are revoking this rule and allowing people to post challenge content directly to the community.
• In some cases, these rules are different from when the challenges were originally posted. This is because the community itself has evolved since many of these were posted. From here on out, this post should be considered the rules for the challenge posts so please refer to these if you are unsure of anything. As always, the mods are open to any further questions you may have.
• We've had a general ban on fanworks here in the community, but going through the tags, we've discovered that there have been several icon posts over the years. We are currently in the final stages of editing the new FAQ (yes! really!), and in it we've allowed fanworks under the cover of the challenges. As long as your creations stick to the guidelines, they are more than welcome!
• When participating in the challenges, make sure to title your entries with the Challenge name, and to TAG your entry with the correct tag.

Ten open Challenges! )
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Just so you're all aware, I've taken on the task of going through the entries from the very start of the community to add tags. On a lot of older entries, the blog links are broken. I'm commenting on those entries with a "Link Fix" that directs any later viewers to the blog in question and, if the blog was short, a copy of the blog itself. If you get one of these comment notification emails you can either ignore it, or edit your post to put in the correct link; it's up to you.

We want to make sure that all the blogs that have been flogged can easily be found by the topics they covered. Also, anytime you may be looking for a specific entry that someone has posted, we want to make sure you can just search by tag and find it. I haven't gotten very far yet, as some of the early blog flogs covered a lot of ground *pointed glance at [livejournal.com profile] dwg* and fall under several tags, but we will get through them all, I promise.

I've also added a "notable blogs" tag meant to make certain blogs easily accessible. The infamous blog about using calendars for research is a good example. If there are any blogs of hers that you think qualify as notable, or that you think will be referred to for years to come, comment and I'll add them in.

Right now, we have the community set up so that anyone can add tags to any entry, but only maintainers can create tags. If you see an entry that you think needs a certain tag, feel free to add it; if it doesn't exist, drop a line to the mods with a tag suggestion and we'll consider it. Likewise, if you end up thread-jacking and you think you'll want to look back on a particular discussion later on, feel free to add the appropriate tag.

For instance, if a blog flog post about LKH's tortured past ends in a long comment discussion about Edward (not the sparkly one), then feel free to tag the entry. Keep in mind that mindless, unnecessary tagging will get the privilege taken away; if an entry and its comments have nothing to do with BDSM wank and the tag gets added, the mods will notice, and change the community tag settings if it becomes a bad habit.
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[livejournal.com profile] connikins is no longer a mod. Nothing nefarious happened. No one flounced off in a huff. She's just busy with her studies and real life and doesn't have as much time for fandom as she used to.

(And yes, I know we need to update the list of mods on the profile page.)

In other modly news, [livejournal.com profile] dwg and [livejournal.com profile] naeko will be taking over for the summer. As much as I'd love to say I was going off on a grand vacation, that's not the case. Long story short, I have problems with the joints in my hands, and it's a lot worse in the summer, because my hands swell in the heat. As you might imagine, that's not conducive to typing. I'll still be around and I still have mod status, but [livejournal.com profile] dwg and [livejournal.com profile] naeko will be taking care of most things. You can still use the form in the profile and on the website, and your comment/concern will reach all the mods.
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The mods and I are discussing changes to make to the FAQ and once we're done, we'll open the discussion up to the whole community to see what you guys would like kept, removed, changed, etc. Keep in mind we won't be able to implement what everyone wants, because some things just won't be feasible, but we'll try to keep a balance between "what will keep a 1000+ member community running smoothly?" and "what will make a 1000+ member community fun?"

We are going to try another change with the blogflogs, though, in part inspired by the wonky RSS feed. This community was founded by people who wanted a safe place to criticise LKH's writing. As it grew, though, there was an element that wanted to criticise her as a person. For a while, it was mostly in decent taste, if not quite good taste. Somewhere along the line, a nasty element came in, and posts and comments went beyond snarky into downright catty and immature—not to mention repetitive. We all know she's hypocrite about her private life: she complains when people talk about it, yet she blogs about it for all to see. We know how badly she wants to appear edgy. But at this point, her personal life has been dissected past the point of good taste.

To that end, blog posts pertaining entirely or mostly to LKH's personal matters will no longer be flogged. We'll try this for a month or two to see how it affects the community. Blogflogs will still come through the [livejournal.com profile] blogfloggery account, and if we miss a relevant one—or if you have any other comments or concerns—you can use the contact form on the bio page (and the Lashouts website) to get in touch with the mods.
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Outside of official challenges, fanworks* (art, fanfic, etc.) are not allowed here—which means as a post or as a comment. We have several affiliates listed on the Bio page, and some of them are devoted to fanworks. I believe we had a vote on this and the majority did not want fanworks to be on the main community. If people would like a new vote, that's fine, but the old rules still hold until a mod says differently.

Golden rule here? If in doubt, ASK.

(Yes, the FAQ overhaul got pushed back, for reasons that are 95% my fault. NaNoWriMo kinda killed my brain this year, so I'm slacking for December and will pick up on fixing the FAQ—and posting challenges—in January.)

* = Icons are a grey area. We've been allowing them so far simply because there doesn't seem to be a lot of AB/MG/LKH icons out there, let alone snarky ones.
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With the blogfloggery system (vote now! Poll closes soon!), there have been more oneliner comments. On the whole, that's not an issue: when people are making comments (as opposed to full posts), it makes more sense if someone only wants to comment on one thing. Unfortunately, this is also resulting in a rise in insults—to LKH, to her family/friends/etc., and to fellow members.

Insulting other members has never been allowed, and never will be. I don't expect you to all be best friends. To be honest, there are members I don't especially like, and I'm the main mod. But that's not the point. If you don't like someone, either be civil or don't comment to/about them at all. Obviously, mods can't be everywhere and in every thread, so if you're being harassed or notice that someone else is, please bring it to our attention.

When it comes to LKH, obviously the boundaries a bit less clear. However, we're taking a "like constructive criticism" approach. If you wrote fanfic, did fanart, etc., would you appreciate someone simply saying "That sucks"? No. If the person said something like "Your shading is off. For the way she's standing and where the sun is, her shadow should be on the left, not the right", they're still criticising you, but they're telling you what they think is wrong.

Likewise, saying something like "LKH is a bitch" is nothing more than an insult—one a five-year-old could make. That's not what we're about. If we're doing nothing more than calling LKH a bitch, we're really no better than LKH's camp says we are. Saying "LKH is a bitch" does not contribute to any sort of meaningful discussion.

Direct insults and antagonizing comments are not allowed. Yes, the FAQ is in flux, but this will be amended in the FAQ when it's fixed. First offences will be given an open warning (i.e., in the specific post/thread). Second offences will be given an off-comm warning. Third offences will get you removed. Yes, "direct insult" and "antagonizing comment" are subjective. Everything is. If something's unclear, we mods will discuss it and come to a group decision.

This group is supposed to be about discussion—not necessarily academic-grade and not always serious, but discussion nonetheless. Anyone can call names and sling insults; that doesn't take a lot of skill. You're still free to express distaste for LKH's works and actions. We just don't want the community to be little more than insults and mudslinging.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask the mods.
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The official trial for [livejournal.com profile] blogfloggery will be done in a few days, so I figured now is a good time for a poll to see what everyone thinks of that blogflogging system. The poll will be closed next Friday (October 17).

If enough people like the current system, we'll stick with it. If it's not that popular, we'll think of other methods to try. If you have any comments/questions, or want to elaborate on your poll answers, feel free to leave a comment. (E.G., if you don't like this system, tell us why. If you do like it, tell us why.)

[Poll #1276227]
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As I posted before, we'll be trying a new blogflog system starting tomorrow, in which our friendly neighbourhood sock puppet, [livejournal.com profile] blogfloggery, will post the blog entries, and all flogging will take place in the comments.

Please realize that it's just a random bunch of humans behind [livejournal.com profile] blogfloggery, so we might not have the entry up within 5 minutes of LKH and Co. posting it, but we'll do our best to be prompt.

Also, I noticed that some of you have friended [livejournal.com profile] blogfloggery. That's fine, but nothing will go at that journal. That journal exists only to post things here. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that before.
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Blogflogging is pretty much what [livejournal.com profile] lkh_lashouts was built on, but even in the days when this comm. was small, there was no perfect way to do it—and that's exceedingly obvious now. The "no repeats" rule was put in place to avoid having 10 posts that all basically said the same thing, but that rule is unfair in some ways: people who are at work/school/wherever (i.e., not necessarily at a computer) miss out on blog entries and, instead of waiting a week or two to reflog, many will just skip it entirely or leave a comment.

Meet [livejournal.com profile] blogfloggery. It's our resident sock puppet, operated by a crack team of Lashouts members who met certain criteria: living in different time zones (to allow for better coverage), ability to cut and paste, and . . . yeah. That's pretty much it. It's not a fancy gig, but those at [livejournal.com profile] blogfloggery are helping me try out a new blogflogging system. Details )
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Yes, I saw the bait. The member has been removed.

I don't think this needs clarifying, but in case it does: I don't expect everyone here to have the same opinion. I've openly said that "happy fans" (for want of a better term) are welcome here, but they have to respect that this is a space in which LKH is criticised.

If people want to post a dissenting/unpopular (to here) opinion, that's fine, so long as it is done in a respectful manner. The above-linked post was not. If you legitimately want to know why Lashouts members still read LKH's books (for example), you're free to ask, but don't do it with flame-bait language.

Thanks to all the members who replied to the post in a civil tone. To those who didn't, remember that ALL members are to be treated with courtesy, whether you agree with what they say or not. If they start being abusive, that doesn't give you the right to be abusive in return: tell me what's going on, and I'll step in. Thanks.
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I'll be working on a FAQ overhaul soon (so watch for a post about it), but lately, the formatting of blogflogs has been all over the map. I know I removed my sample from the FAQ, so I'm partially to blame, but with everyone using different styles, it can be difficult to follow. And just so no one's feathers get ruffled—this is not aimed towards any specific member, okay? Like I said, I've noticed several formats, so it's not just a matter of one person.

Until I get the FAQ updated, please format blogflogs like the sample below. Thanks =) If something's unclear or you have questions, let me know.

Entry: (the title of the blog entry)
Link: (link to the DIRECT BLOG ENTRY*)
Spoilers: (if relevant)
* = If you subscribe to the RSS feed on LJ, the link to the direct entry will be near the top of the post as it appears on your f-list. If you read the blog from her page, there is a direct link at the bottom, with the "time stamp"; right-click on the time stamp and select "copy link location" or whatever variant you have.

All longer posts or those containing spoilers need LJ-cuts. (Instructions on LJ-cuts are linked in the FAQ, so there's no excuse for not knowing. If you've tried and it's not working, let me know.)

In your flog, please put Laurell's (or Jon's or Darla's) words in boldface and your own in plain. Don't use coloured text or fancy fonts or intricate formatting. Simple is best. So, as a sample:

Entry: Busy, busy day
Link: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2008/05/busy-busy-day.html

[imaginary LJ-cut]
One friend, who doesn’t really understand me, yet, told me, "If it doesn’t make you happy, do something else." No, my measure for happy at work is when it stops making me nervous, it’s time to do something else. Because the day I stop worrying about how a book will do, and how you guys will receive it, is the day it doesn’t matter to me. When it doesn’t matter, then it’s time to move on. But, my anxiety is right on schedule, so I guess we’re safe. I’ll keep writing, you keep reading, and the cycle of publishing will continue.

Snarkedy snark snark.
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On my biweekly comic store jaunt, I was checking out the freebie shelf and found a huge stack of… Valentine's Day postcards featuring Anita and Edward. It got me thinking: what kind of Valentine's Day greetings would LKH's characters send to each other? What would they give as gifts? Would JC paint a big heart on his ass and invite Asher to break his heart? Would the werewolves give someone a literal heart, still warm? Would Frost make little heart-shaped ice cubes for his beloved's drink of choice?

I haven't put a lot of thought into this, so the guidelines may change. If you have questions/suggestions, please chime in.

Deadline: February 17

What's allowed:
Whatever you want to create, pretty much. It's open to both the AB:VH and MG worlds—and Nightseer too, if you're so inclined. You can do fanfic, a poem, a drawing, a love letter, a photo, icons, a song you wrote. It can be serious or funny or introspective or snarky or whatever flavour you feel like. Don't claim someone else's work as your own, though: if you use elements of another person's work, be sure to credit them. If you want to collaborate with another member, that's groovy, but arrange that over e-mail or IM, not the community space, please.

Things to avoid:
- Recommendations. This is not the type of challenge to say "This is totally JC & Asher's love song!" and post "Every Breath You Take" by The Police. It's supposed to be YOUR creation, not someone else's. (Besides, filesharing is touchy business anyway.)
- Generic lists. This is supposed to be a creative venture. Don't just write out a list of what you think people would get for each other and post it.
- LOLcat-ism. A bit here and there is okay, but don't overdo it.

How to post:
- Use an LJ-cut. There is NO EXCUSE for not knowing how. Give a brief description of your project above the cut.
- TAG YOUR ENTRY with the challenge tag, please.
- I'm not going to put on an age/rating restriction, but if you're posting something very explicit, be sure to give a warning.
- If you're posting anything with "adult content", please friend-lock the post.
- Give credit where necessary.
- If you have multiple things you want to post, do them separately—within reason. (For example, a few short poems could go in the same post, but don't put a drawing, two drabbles, and a video in the same post.) However, don't post too many times in a day; again, I'm not going to put a solid number on it, but be reasonable.

Other things to keep in mind:
- The general rules of the community still apply in regards to behaviour and such.
- Constructive criticism is fine, so if you aren't comfortable getting it, don't post. By the same token, if you think someone's entry sucks, that's your right, but either make a constructive comment or don't comment at all.
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Our deadline is unfortunately close, forced by LKH's own deadline, but c'est la vie. As stated in the blog, LKH, creative goddess that she is, can't think of a good stripper/stage name for Jason. So she's holding a contest. Yippee! (Or, in her words, yea!)

Thus, the challenge here is the same: give Jason a stripper name. Use a meme formula or an online generator or your brain, whatever you like.

How to play along: Send your submissions to lkh.lashoutsATgmail.com. Please send ONE EMAIL ONLY: unlike LKH, I don't want to drown in email. So wait until you have all your names ready, then send them off.

Deadline: January 10, 2008. I know it's close, but she's set a deadline of the 18th, and we need time for voting. Voting, you say? Aye. I'll gather up all the names, make a poll, and we'll have a group vote for which to submit.

What'll we do with the book if we win?: Again, we'll have a group vote. Destroy it? Sell it on eBay and donate the money to Alzheimer's research to benefit a real author, the mighty Terry Pratchett? If you have suggestions, pass those along too.

Who will submit the ideas to LKH and Co.? Ah, more fun! I'll use my address and one of my emails, since they already have my address anyway. But if you have a fun idea for a pseudonym, send that along with your submission. Or we could always send it via LKH_Lashouts, just so she feels some love. Again, suggestions in this area are welcome.

Warning notice of DOOM!: Please submit ideas ONLY if you are willing to share. I will not look kindly on anyone who submits a name then, if their name wins, goes "Oh, it was totally my name that won! I should get the book!" NO. Doesn't fly. If you legitimately want the book, enter on your own. If you're willing to have a bit of fun with the group, enter with us. Nuff said.

This post was hasty, so if I've forgotten anything, let me know.
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When I'd asked about the FAQ overhaul (which I'll be posting about again in about a week), [livejournal.com profile] lovedstrangely had suggested a challenge in which members pasted their own dialogue into the Anita Blake comics. Since I have the graphic-altering ability of an amoeba, I'll need some help setting this up.

NB: The challenge isn't on yet. I'm simply asking for volunteers to help get things set up.

What we'll need:
1) Pages from the comic. Obviously, we don't need EVERY page from EVERY issue. A sampling of pages with particularly snarky potential are good.

2) People to remove the dialogue from said pages.

If you can help on either front, please let me know.

This is obviously a challenge that lends itself to people who, unlike me, are good at manips and such. If you're like me and suck at this sort of thing but still have snarky dialogue you want to contribute, see if you have a graphicy friend who'd be willing to partner with you. (Though the challenge isn't on yet, I put this in now so you have time to get prepared.)
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First, I apologise for the delay in attending to the emails. I was having issues with the account and such. Now I can read but not reply. I will reply, though, as soon as I'm able.

There were a few e-mails about comment etiquette. I know tone is a touchy thing. I can "say" something in complete sarcasm, but because here, those words are simply rendered in print, it can be lost. Take that into consideration when you're replying to someone. I'm not saying we have to put little asterisks everywhere and go "*1 = That was a joke, by the way". Just put some thought into your tone. I don't care if it's "just the way you talk". We're here to snark LKH, not each other.

Which leads me to another minor point. None of this "Oh, well, ____ is subjective." Yes, everything IS subjective. Humour. Sarcasm. Wit. Meanness. However, when you're dealing with others, as we are here, we all have to compromise. Perhaps when the community was smaller, we could get away with more barbed humour; now that we're 600+, you can't expect that everyone's going to get your drift. So no swearing at each other. No snarking each other. You don't have to be best friends forever, but at least be civil. (And yes, civil is subjective, but I think we can all mostly agree that calling a complete stranger a skeezy whore, for example, is not civil.)

Off-topic comments: This has been an issue for a while. We're a chatty bunch, and a blogflog about Micah's wang of doom can quickly turn into a comment thread about something completely unrelated, like the hygiene practices of the ancient Egyptians. But be considerate. Many of us (myself included) have our LJs set up to receive comments by e-mail, which means the original poster, who only wanted to snark, is now getting deluged with masses of things he or she does not want. It's fine for convos to START in the comments, but if it's getting long, be polite and take it to e-mail or IM.

Fandom leaving LJ: I'm not going to recap the whole fiasco, but Shit Went Down and now lots of fans are discussing (some rationally, some to the height of ridiculous drama) alternatives to LJ. As of yet, I have no intentions of moving this community. Aside from a few asshats, we haven't had any major issues. If we do have to move, I will announce it and do my best to keep you all informed.

(And as always, if you have comments/questions/concerns, don't be afraid to get in touch. If I seem to be neglecting the email—by which I mean "haven't checked in a few days", not "you sent in five minutes ago and I haven't replied"—just find a comment I've made and nicely nudge me. I know I'm a forgetful, absent-minded little thing, so I won't be offended. *g*)


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