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I made a promise to myself that I should try to post more news to the comm when I come across it rather than hoard it on my journal.  I've been following Darla's progress on the internets since she left Team LKH. She's written a book called "Working for Miriam" and shared some parts (sorry, she wrote some "antedotes"), but unfortunately could not find an agent to pick it up. So she turned her energy to writing a scifi/fantasy novel, but hasn't mentioned anything about that for a while.  But the latest is that she's going to publish her Anitapedia on Lulu.
And lets hear it for those that love us! Me particularly.  LOL!  I am not going to burn the Anitapedia now. Someone I know pointed out, that lots of hard work went in to that so why not self publish since I have been waiting almost nine years.  So I will.
I cannot put into words just how much I want this. Purely for science! And possibly FOR GREAT JUSTICE! Or at the very least Great Irony.

In other news, LKH has the first chapter of Divine Misdemeanours for download as a PDF on her website. Or, as LKH announced, "Divine Misdemeanors, who’s first chapter is up on our website." -- the book is a who now.  And she wasn't lying when she said she got it straight from the publisher, because it's still in its raw formatting stage.  Thankfully, those spelling errors that were in the first few paragraphs that she posted have been corrected.  Well, "eucalyptus" is still a pronoun, but now Merry works for Grey Detective Agency: Supernatural Problems; Magical Solutions.

If Horatio were on this case, he'd have punned, donned the glasses, and we'd all be rocking to The Who right now. )
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I had to post this from Darla's blog on MySpace, what a gem! 

Get thee to a shrink pronto you madwoman :-)


Big News

Apr. 8th, 2009 11:04 pm
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Props goes to [livejournal.com profile] darkese for bringing it up in the last flog, but Darla and LKH have parted ways. Darla left a message on Amazon and her MySpace as a goodbye.
So this is the only comments I am going to make on this.

I no longer work for Laurell or Ma Petite. It is a long, story which can be shortened to this.

A lack of communication lead to a miscommunication which lead to missed communications. Combined with my being rather sick the last few weeks, things just spiraled out of control.

I loved working there, I wish things hadn't fallen apart so badly. I wish Laurell and Jon all the best in the future. I am heart broken that not only did my job end but so did my friendships.

I even went so far as to hit the forums for more information -- someone beat me to it in a message for Laurell, but that thread was deleted by a moderator, while my post is currently "under review" -- but luckily we have an official statement from LKH herself.
What some of you have read on MySpace and Amazon is true. I am sad to report that Darla no longer works for us. I won’t add much to what she wrote, other than it was very sudden and unexpected. One minute things were normal and the next they weren’t, and she was gone.


She wrote on her message that with the job ending so did the friendship, but that doesn’t have to be true on our part. I’m hoping that once feelings calm down that we can still be friends, but if not, then it is a double loss.
It appears "the new girl" is also an artist and probably in for a baptism of fire leaping straight into the job. It's going to be interesting to see how things are handled, as if I remember, Darla was responsible for forums, website and newsletters. So, we're in for a new era of Team LKH.

EDIT: After saying that she's not going to talk about it on MySpace, Darla decides to talk about it.
I will NOT provide details. It is a personal issue between Laurell and I. As I said, it stemmed from a lack of communication that moved in to a miscommunication and got blown out of proportion. There is plenty of blame to go around, and a fair share of it is mine. I readily accept that.
Is it just me or does this read like they had a fight and decided to break up citing that "it's for the best." and then there's well-wishing and tearful goodbyes?

EDIT II: It looks as though Darla quit.
We woke up before dawn today, because my ex was bringing Trinity by very early. I lay there in the dark, with the black pressing against the windows and thought, "Well, we’ll be up before Darla gets here this morning." She chose to have early start time so she could go home earlier in the afternoon. Then I had that sinking feeling, and realized we will be up and dressed, but Darla isn’t coming today, or any day. I think the decision she made to leave was the right one for her, and all of us, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss her. I hope eventually we can mend our friendship. Right now, it’s all too raw like a fresh wound. Here’s to healing.
Bold emphasis mine. The dust is settling and now all I need is the dramallama to prance through fandom, spreading rainbows and sparkles in its wake, or maybe there'll be some kind of reconcilliation where LKH and Darla have one of those tearful, "I love you and respect you and I never meant to hurt you!" "You're my best friend!" reconcilliations. It could go either way.


Mar. 29th, 2008 06:57 am
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I just love it when Darla posts a blog! It warms the cockles of my tiny black heart, and so naturally I couldn't resist giving it a flog. It seems while the cat's been away, the mice got to blogging, and now Darla has a bit of explaining to do.

URL: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2008/03/writing-help-response.html
Darla/the LKH blog in bold
Me in disbelief, er, regular font 

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I'm going to apologise for spamming up the comm, but following the saga of the contest is proving to be my soap opera of choice.

URL: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2008/02/apology.html

Darla's back! I missed Darla! She's in bold! I'm abusing exclamation marks! *headdesk*


Seriously, wtf? This wasn't brain surgery, yet how in the hell could it have gotten so strange and confusing? HOW? All we're really missing is Dr Nick Riviera. (HI DR NICK!)
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Since I doubt my post will ever be oked by the mods I shall post it here... I just needed to get it off my chest.

For those who dont know there is a link in raven's post as well as below.

Negative Reader

My response.

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A year after the "Dear Negative Reader" blog came out Darla has once again decided to be a very bad PA and try to explain the blog. This was written on LKH's board. I still don't understand why she can't get her own blog but here it is.



Negative Reader Blog

Dear Lord is this going to be another bad math blog about how many haters there are of us? Roll Eyes

We get a lot of emails.

I get lots of e-mails too --- I bet most of the e-mails are a bunch of spam about sex toys and so on, but for Team LKH it isn't spam.

Most of them are praise, a few complaints, lots of requests for release dates and appearance dates.

They probably ask about release dates and appearance because LKH's site is a piece of shit. They would do better by going to amazon.com

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URL: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2008/01/little-bird-told-me-it-was-new-years.html

LKH in blockquote. I'm the one giving the rambling commentary with references to previous blogs. So it's kinda like a blogflog-o-rama here.

Squirrels are birds now. LKH says so. )

Part the two of all this is actually Darla's return to the blog! Yay, Darla! I missed her. No, really.

URL: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2008/01/jason-name-contest.html

My vote's for Sir Stikolov )

PS, [livejournal.com profile] pith -- if you need me to make these separate entries, just let me know.
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URL: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2007/11/lkh-bit-112507.html

So not only did we get Jon this week, but Darla's popped in to give us an update of...tl;dr. Only, I've got far too much time on my hands and went and read the whole damned thing. At least Darla handily puts up top what the post is about so I can not care in brief before not caring in waffly detail.

She's in bold, I'm in regular text.

The highlights: Fear not the Grammar Nazis, why the 'haters' stay on the message board, copyright issues )

We finish this largely pointless (though, someone please show me an LKH blog that has got some point?) blog with a shameless plug for a couple of charity auctions and the promise of MOAR NEWS SOONS. Oh, I can hardly wait. [/sarcasm]
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Please keep in mind that I know nothing about LKHs private life except that she has a daughter, has been divorced and is now married to Jon.

What is the deal with Darla? Is she living with LKH? [The reason I ask is because she seems to be pretty involved with LKHs private life.]
If anyone could point me towards articles or posts regarding this - or just tell me in the comments - I would be very thankful.
And: Why does LKH need a bodyguard? I know she write bad fiction, but I seriously doubt anyone would order a hit on her for that.
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I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but when I go to read lkh's blog (cause I just can't seem to stay away) I really don't want to read entries from Jon-fanboy.   I also don't want to read entries by Darla, the regulator.    Don't they have their own my-space accounts, or blog?    Next thing you know she's going to have her "bodyguard" Cookie Monster  Charles bloggin on her site, explaining the wonders of weaponry.   Or posting about the wonders and dangers of bodyguarding the great omnipotent Anita Laurell.   If I wanted to read entries by her sycophants  staff I would look them up.  

I've been looking at a few other author blogs, and I haven't seen any of their husbands, or assistants blogging on their site.
ext_8578: (Anita Blake - Shock/Horror)
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The wolves started howling during the reading. I had to stop so we could all listen to them. It was amazing. This is the second time they've howled during the reading almost as if they're getting used to hearing me read

Or perhaps they were howling in pain?!?


Remember back in March when Darla was featured in [livejournal.com profile] getoffmyspace?
Back then a lot of people commented that they couldn't see the entry as it was Friends only, and the community closed
Right now the community has once again opend for membership so those of you who want to go back and watch the entry it is still here:

Sorry, my bad, the comm is still closed, just no longer moderated :(
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Darla decided to join in the "Re: Author tells fans to go away" thread on Amazon. I've left my response, which is the same as I would say to any other member on that board. She doesn't get special treatment just because she's Laurita's minion personal assistant. I felt the need to suggest that she consider not using Jon as an editor. Was I overstepping my bounds?

Oh, to know the joys of the Ivory Tower! )

The movie.

May. 27th, 2006 02:24 pm
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Okay... So I heard a while back that apparantly Jon is taking a big part in the hypothetical movie?

Le why?

Does the man have a background in film?
Will Darla direct?


Blog Flog

Jun. 24th, 2005 03:57 pm
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Link: Um, I can't give it to you, because I keep linking back to the "Not the romantic evening we were hoping for" post back on June 12.  And I haven't gotten an xml feed since that date either.  And since the guestbook is down, how can I contact my beloved author about this? Meh, will try message boarding.
Date: June 22, 2005
Title: "Summer Solstice"

I'm amused by the italics of it all.

Sometimes deciding not to do something is as important as deciding to do something. No, is a valid answer, and I think most of our lives would be better if we said no a little more often to all the demands on our time and energies.

That said, given how many fans keep screaming, "NOOO!!!" *khh* [/Vader] at yet another sex scene, or three hundred chapters of internal wangst, does anyone here think that she'll take any of her own advice?

I kinda hope book sales drop, and if anyone asks, someone from here can say, "We decided to say no.  Laurell said it was okay to do that."


EDIT: The message boards are down too (um, I probably should have known that) - so the question begs - who, and how, do we contact people about the syndication feed being frelled?

EDIT AGAIN: I sent a really polite email to the address that sent the automatic "Hi, thanks for registering for the message board" drivel regarding the xml feed,a nd got a short (and for some reason, perky) reply from Darla sayin' she'll get the techs on it. Whoa. @.@

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I waffled on posting this after writing it two days ago, but [livejournal.com profile] klmorgan suggested it be done. It really strikes me how some of Laurell's statements about her background and upbringing are kinda...screwy and inconsistent.

Snark inside. )

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I would post a URL, but Darla deleted her famous rant against every one and all. So here's only the copy:
written by Darla, 14.06.2005:

The genesis of this board was to provide a place where true answers could be found. And what I mean by true is that previously on other sites, plain out and out lies where being told. My fav is still that Richard was dead in Obsidian Butterfly.

It came from someone who got an arc and decided to puff up his own importance by telling folks that Richard was dead. It wasn't true but it got spread around and caused an uproar. So we put up our own board to provide fans with a place to come. 99.9% of the people who come here are wonderful. They are intelligent, well read and have a good sense of humor. A few folks have taken the board as permission to be rude, obnoxious or down right mean. So easy to do when your anonomyous.

No, Laurell does not come out here. She barely uses the computer beyond word processing. She finds technology confusing.

We could take the board down, but then the minority of bad behaved people would win. And it is not like this is the only site on the internet where they can discuss Anita and Merry. So we let it run.

Besides, that minority is really loving the books Why else would someone read something they state they hate? Perhaps they are masochists and enjoy causing themselves pain or because they don't hate it. They like it, but at some level they don't want to like it and it makes them uncomfortable with themselves. They cannot accept that some part of themselves enjoys it. So they come out and try to trash others, the books and the author, who do not share their self-loathing.
Now they will really be posting like mad. Trying to convince the rest of us that that is not true. But you know what they say about those who protest too much.
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This is the newest blog from LKH, I didn't read all, because I was so pissed after half of it.
First of all, she still doesn't understand, that we DON'T hate/dislike her or are jealous of her success. Second, she still doesn't seem to notice her problems in writing, editing (ok, not only her job, but she's the one who gives the "ok") or consistency. My last note, before I give you this literal masterpiece to read and rant: she claimed, that the "ivory tower" is necessary for her, so please, don't blame us on using the term.

Read more... )


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