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Link: Jan 04 2013, 14:41
Dislcaimer: This blog entry is verbatim, as originally posted on LKH's Facebook. Copyright belongs to Ma Petite Enterprises.
MOD NOTE: Now that the new year has kicked in, we'll be experimenting with updates from her Facebook as she's been updating that with book/writing info more often than her blog. Same rules as blogflogs apply.

Just discovered I dropped a plot point about a 100 pages back. Not sure how to fix it. Discouraged writer is discouraged; damn it. Jon has read up to this point, tomorrow we'll brainstorm but tonight I'm fighting a headache & the urge to apply my head to my desk.
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She also goes into a few other details of Narcissus in Chains and the rumor that Micah=Jonboi.  This interview has more details on that than any other that I've seen.  Ans she actually admits that she wanted Micah for Anita because during the writing she felt so lonely and didn't want Anita to be lonely.  So of course instead of having Anita run to Richard, or Jean-Claude for comfort, she should turn to the guy who raped her in the shower. 

Again it's an old interview, at this time her newest book is Danse Macabre, but it is a good read.


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So, as you guys know (and as some of you probably hate), I've been going through the community from entry one and tagging everything. Obviously, to do this I've actually been reading a lot of the posts, to know what to tag things. I skim a lot, mainly looking for keywords, but the one thing I've noticed is that Hamilton has a finite number of blogs that she pretty much just posts over and over. There have been a few times that I've actually gone through the blog itself and read the entry, convinced that I just got done tagging that same blog flog not ten minutes ago.

I think 99% of her blogs can be summed up under the general topics that follow:
• "Woe, my deadline!"
• "Oh noes! I HAVE to write sex!"
• "Jon and I are awesome and not as goth as you think"
• "I'm fighting with my characters!"
• "I am an awesome writer cuz I let my characters run freeeee!"
• "I am a tortured artiste, and/or I know everything ever! Let me teach you all about it."
Topics made more ridiculous for humour's sake.

It's a pretty rare blog that doesn't fall under one of those loosely defined categories. It got me thinking about her books and the repetitive themes that they all follow, at this point. We pretty much all know she hasn't actually written a "new" book in awhile. Every book past Obsidian Butterfly could probably be summed up with extremely similar wording. Anita has to save the day; sex happens; her men angst; everything is fixed with sex-fu!

Speaking of sex, could anyone pick what sex scene is from what book, if you were to take out the men's names? Hell, leave them in and I'll bet you still couldn't tell.

The sad thing is, I don't think that Hamilton has any idea that her writing- every bit of it- has become a game of copy/paste. I think that a smart programmer could take her e-books and then write a program around them and make the computer write Hamilton's next "masterpiece." No one, not even the hardcore fangirls, would know. Hell, said programmer could probably add a blogging engine into that program and no one would even know that Hamilton had stopped.

Actually, maybe that's just what's happened! Jon is secretly an evil genius, and all his html/spelling/fashion mistakes are just designed to throw us off! He and Hamilton have moved to Guam, and they only show up to tours, spending the rest of their time getting paid to do nothing, while a poor, overworked program spits out all her blogs and books! She tweets a few times a day, but that's the extent of it, and I'm sure she's even got a document full of pre-written tweets that she just- ha ha!- copy/pastes when she needs to look busy. Evil geniuses, both of them!

Hmm, if only.
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and that's the end to all those years of speculation. (yeah, right..)
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ext_43: proust quote: let us be happy to those that make us happy.  They are the constant gardners that make our souls blossom. (PD - Group 1)
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Click HERE to read Jonboi's Thanksgiving Recap. 

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I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but when I go to read lkh's blog (cause I just can't seem to stay away) I really don't want to read entries from Jon-fanboy.   I also don't want to read entries by Darla, the regulator.    Don't they have their own my-space accounts, or blog?    Next thing you know she's going to have her "bodyguard" Cookie Monster  Charles bloggin on her site, explaining the wonders of weaponry.   Or posting about the wonders and dangers of bodyguarding the great omnipotent Anita Laurell.   If I wanted to read entries by her sycophants  staff I would look them up.  

I've been looking at a few other author blogs, and I haven't seen any of their husbands, or assistants blogging on their site.
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URL: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2006/12/powerless-again.html

Oh, bless his little heart and soul - Jon's posting again and he proves to us that he's a veritable cornucopia of knowledge, a font of enviable information that we dullards simply must know.

So Jon in bold, me being sarcastic.

Maybe it's an omen. )
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I apologise if this is overly nasty, but I am in a foul mood... I have no patience to be nice at the minute.

However... on with the flogging.

The post: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2006/10/new-orleans.html

Team LKH in bold, me in normal.

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Again, apologies for my not very niceness... Weddings tend to bring out the worst in me.
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I just saw a picture of Jon, and Jesus Christ... Laugh out fucking loud! Though, since now that I have seen him, I can't help but feel even more revolted by her sex scenes. If you guys get my drift, and I think you do.
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URL: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2006/10/comic-event.html
DATE: Tuesday 17 October 2007

Blog 'n' stuff in bold - me, not so much.

Laurell isn't going to be doing this, but Stacie M. Ritchie will be doing a signing.
see this press release for more info.

Thanks, Jon, for that useless piece of information. No, really. I can see that you're so very speshul. Laurell, he's such a catch - I SO JELLUS. TOTALLY.

For anyone wondering who the hell Stacie M. Ritchie is - read on. )

Christ on a cracker, the press release for our University Press anthology looks way more professional than this.
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Sorry to spam the comm. I don't mean to. I've just been looking at backlogs. And I noticed something; a group of somethings. It was enough to get me thinking.

We keep saying ANita/Merry = LKH. We keep talking about the blogs and the books and what the sex in the books and the lack of character death etc seems to be saying about LKH. We keep comparing it to a 15yr old. And I suddenly had a thought.

When a 15 yr old breaks up with someone she really cares about and starts writing wish fulfillment fantasy, what does she write?

Doesn't she write about being so desirable that it makes no sense that she was left in the first place? Doesn't she make the person filling in for the 'one who left' into an idiot? A jealous idiot? Doesn't she try to control circumstances in the fantasy world so she, her character, will never be left again? Will never be found lacking? Will never have to feel unloved or suspect any kind of complications? Doesn't she make all other girls jealous of her wonderful life? Doesn't she re-write 'the one who left' into his opposite? The one who stays? Who adores her and never fights and is perfect and supporting and echoes everything her brain wants?

We know LKH keeps writing about the loss of death. We know she hasn't seemed to be over the death of her mother yet, after all these years. Could she not be over the loss of her first husband? Could she, in fact, have picked up the 'fantasy wish fulfillment' guy in Jon? And he's doing what a fantasy wish fulfillment guy does? Which is to stroke the ego and make the girl feel like the prettiest, most special thing ever? Micah made real?

Doesn't the bitterness over 'the one who left', turn him into 'the one who couldn't love me' / 'the one who was threatened by me' / 'the one I'm stronger than' ? Isn't that Richard? Unable to move on, forever drawn back to Anita? Just the way a 15yr old would wish 'the one who left' to be? To never be able to forget her? To regret and stew in his own jealousy and stupidity and helplessness?

Anita and Richard as a parallel of LKH wanting to be more powerful, more over her ex than he is of her? And Anita's harem is the wish fulfillment of 'living well as the best revenge' ? Ha ha ha, pretend we're having a good time = Jon?

It probably goes more into LKH's life than many of us want to get into. But it is awfully exposed in her blogs and her writing - isn't it?

As for Merry, she'd be the 'Everything you thought I wouldn't do? / Everything you wouldn't let me do' fantasy?

Or am I just reading too much in the prior quality of the books and the fact that the ex disagreed with her and the current doesn't and his toadying doesn't seem very much like love, care and concern?
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This time I woke up still puzzled.
Why do I have the feeling this happens to her pretty often?
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I've never blogged flogged before, but I just couldn't resist when I read this.


we are currently without power.

we'll post something once we have power again.
posted via mo:Blog

posted by Jonathon at 3:53 PM

Why make a post telling us they have no power? It makes absolutely no difference to us. Even if there is a delay to a promised post, wouldn't it make more sense to explain why there was a delay in the next post instead of going to the effort to do this?
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Blog Flog: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2006/06/happy-fathers-day.html

I don't even need to add any commentary to this. Here is, in it's entirety, the second paragraph of LKH's most recent blog.

Jon is caught up on his legos and his bionicles, so what to buy him? We got him two new t-shirts. One Spiderman shirt to replace one that has died. I was very excited to find that one since it was one of his favorite shirts, which is why it wore out. The other shirt was a new favorite, the Boondocks (the cartoon not the movie). Trinity also found the new release of THE PRINCESS BRIDE, with new commentary and special features. It's one of Jon's all time favorite movies, so it was a good choice. The rest of his present was getting to do what he wanted to do today. Time to do what you want to do is always the most precious gift, don't you think?

The movie.

May. 27th, 2006 02:24 pm
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Okay... So I heard a while back that apparantly Jon is taking a big part in the hypothetical movie?

Le why?

Does the man have a background in film?
Will Darla direct?

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Another blog flog for this entry: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2006/05/back-from-rt-06.html

Jon in italics, sick in normal font )
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Okay, this is why Jon should not be allowed to update that blog.

More to the point, it is why he shouldn't be someone who is helping LKH edit her books. GOOD CHRIST MAN, PUNCTUATION! And words at the beginning of a sentence Get To Be Capitalized Please And Thank You.

Dude, seriously. That does NOT inspire me to want to buy the comic.


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