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Name:LKH Lashouts
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Welcome to LKH Lashouts. Please read the FAQ before joining (and posting to) the community. All members are bound by the rules whether they read them or not.

Got any questions or problems? Contact the mods at the listed contact emails. Please be sure to use your LiveJournal username if you are a member of the community. Non-members are welcome to ask questions, too.

We're having issues with the input form, so we've taken it down for the moment. Please either email us at the gmail address above or feel free to comment on a mod's journal (any entry) and we'll get back to you ASAP.


pith is the creator of this community, but she has since stepped down to be considered somewhat of a secondary mod. The main mods are dwg, and naeko and they handle the day to day community business. If you have any complaints, please use the form in order to contact the mods.

We have no connection to or contact with Laurell K. Hamilton (henceforth referred to as LKH). The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter (henceforth AB) and Merry Gentry (henceforth MG) series are the property of LKH, as are her blog entries and newsletters. The entries posted within, excluding copyrighted material, belong to the individual LiveJournal (henceforth LJ) users.

deathink: For all your LKH fanfiction needs
killherdarlings: LKH fanworks of a snarky nature
lashouts_writer: for writing tips and discussion on how not to write like LKH
not_so_human: Dedicated to the real Alphas of the AB:VH series
not_so_alive: Dedicated to the real vampires of the AB:VH series
burnt_rice: Snark for the original Queen of Supernatural Crazy, Anne Rice

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