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Hello, all:

new to this community, BUT y'all came VERY highly recommended by friends in the Amazon lkh book forums

I was told about a spoiler for the next WhoreNita book, supposedly set in Las Vegas, complete with Edward, Olaf, Bernard et all. I can't FIND it! It was written by somebody named Wolf Howl?

Can anybody help me here?


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One of the things that has always baffled me about the Anita Blake series is the devoted fan following that Edward has. I know there are some die-hard Edward fans here and I was hoping they could enlighten me as to the appeal of the Edward mystique. Let's think of this activity as a wake as I'm sure the Edward of the Harlequin will be some body-double for the one you guys came to know and love. So Edward fans... share your love! 

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This the other half of yesterday's lunch conversation with Larathia (Thank you soooo much for leaving Tedward to me!)Read more... )
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First blog flog. I'll warn you, my snark is probably not all that funny, as being intentionally funny is one of the hardest things for me to accomplish. LKH is in italics, and the rest is me. The original post can be found here.

Well, you can decide for yourself whether this is good news or not. )
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I snarked about this to Ladyravana last night...and now I wanna re-snark and share.

From the fan club site, Laurell in her own words, roughly just before OB was published: http://www.laurellkhamilton.org/FanClub/fanclub.htm#Laurell

I must visit the Paper Street Soap Company, I HAVE NEEDS OF THE BRAIN SOAP. )
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this is the public FAQ of the fanclub
please keep in mind that i have translate it in frequently asked questions that means the quetions appear more than once !
Read more... )
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Time for a two-part Blog Flog.

Italics = LKH; Normal Font = Sick )
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Spoilers: OB... and that whole "Edward calls Anita for sex advice" lark.

Again, it's a quickie, but... count your lucky stars I didn't write the one in which Micah gets his membrum virile stuck in the bathtub drain. *eg*

Happy Hunting )
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So, I'm new here and thought I'd start out with a question. We can all agree that we're not pleased with where the Anita Blake series is going....but do you have any guilty pleasure (pun, pun) from the turn the series has taken or where it might go?

for example, literary integrity and personal taste aside, I find it a bit hot to imagine the sex scene laurell would write between Edward and Anita.

the writer in me screams incoherently in horror at the thought of them having sex, though.

if this question is completely absurd, feel free to erase. I just thought it might be interesting to see what's piqued our interests inspite of ourselves, and i'm no troll, i swear.

Blog Flog

Dec. 3rd, 2005 03:06 am
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Apologies for people on my f-list that have already read this, but people need to know!

Date: Wednesday 30 November 2005
Title: Creativity in Italy
URL: http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/2005/11/creativity-in-italy.html

RE: Edward 'plot' )


POST SCRIPT: Hey, do we have any results for the poll about advertising and such?
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Journal entry dated 8/2/05, "Lost and Found". LKH is in italics, I'm regular text. Spelling, grammar etc. the author's own.

NO EDWARD. *fume* )


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